Animal Abuse and Storytelling

Animal Abuse and Storytelling.

I’m at the awesome site, Bitten By Books.

Join me for an intense chat regarding animal abuse.



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Conditioned to not fall in love with her fallen warriors, Kiara cannot fight the attraction she has for Special Ops Marine, Harrison Lombard. When a sabotaged mission critically wounds Harrison he seeks revenge. Will his search lead him to his angel of mercy or death?                                                                 


Kiara looked deep into her chosen one’s soul. She had to shake off her atypical sympathy. But the twinges in her heart and the heat between her thighs couldn’t be ignored.


Harrison’s lips were dry. His gaze held acknowledgement of equal attraction no doubt. A smile from him would be her undoing. Three steps, Kiara. Offer him immortality, toss him on Bright and take to the skies.


Lance in both hands she pushed the rod against his wide shoulder span. “Just to verify, what is your name?”


His muscles tensed under her, pressing into her knuckles. Despite his closeness to death Kiara felt a rise bumping, titillating, and making her yearn for a tryst. No human had ever had such an impact on her. Why now? Ignoring the rush of emotions plaguing her body and mind, she strengthened her reserve and focused on the task. Her future with the squad depended on it. She wanted to become a captain. No tingling in her woman parts would change her course.


“Harrison Valentine Lombard.” His hips lifted, a hard long slice fit nicely between her thighs. “I can’t imagine my last thoughts to be of a siren teasing me, without allowing me to have release. Either kill me, or liberate me so I can —”


“Kiara, it’s time. Grab your Einherjar and let’s ride,” Skogul bellowed.


A last burst of energy flowed from the soldier beneath Kiara. His hand stroked her breast, sliding between the skin and the gold corset. He lifted his head from the ground, causing blood to squirt from the wound. Twitches, low in her stomach, created jittering in muscles higher in her womb. More than pleasing Odin, she wanted to fornicate with this brave, yet stupid man, her Valentine.


“Kiara.” His alluring whisper sailed on the wind.





jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.

The Valkyrie and the Marine, The Wild Rose Press, Summer 2012

Jewel Heist Diamonds used to be this girl’s best friend.

Dark SunHe’s almost an angel and she’s pure temptation. Cobblestone-Press

Trade Agreement LASR Best Book. 
All rights reserved.







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