ESP…Dreaming of You

Precognition is a topic which keenly interest me because my son has been blessed (cursed?) with the ability to see events before they happen. Visions or random snapshots are more or less inevitable destiny…and sometimes life altering event.

Can they be manipulated?

Could he force his mind to ignore the dream, stop it from running through his head?

More importantly should he act on the revelation? How would he get people to listen to this parapsychological vision? What if his predictions were not accurate? Should moral acuity prevail?

I wanted to know more. To find out the bases of precognition and use the information obtained about prophetic futures and human behavior in a story I have in progress, Ghosts and Dead People (working title).

Precognition according to is:
1. Knowledge of a future event or situation, esp. through extrasensory means.

2. Scots-Law The examination of witnesses and other parties before a trial in order to supply a legal ground for prosecution. The evidence established in such an examination.

Theorists argue there may be layers or various dimensions in the universe, which would allow for precognition to exist. There are skeptics who see problems because if a future already exist, how can it be proven?

Logic, causality is a fact. Cause equals effect. Example: If you are stabbed with a knife (effect) the weapon must exist and be plunged (cause). However, if a mapped out future exists, then the order is abolished by altering the events due to precognition.

Another factor to take into consideration is free will. We make choices. I tell my children all the time, the choices your make lead to actions and those actions will determine the outcome of your future. YOUR future is determined by you.

Otherwise, we are mindless players (with or without strings) existing on Earth in this universe, which is a phantasm instead of reality.

Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot ISBN: 978-0060922580 (Harper, 1992) el Talbot (1953-1992), was the author of a number of books highlighting parallels between ancient mysticism and quantum mechanics, and espousing a theoretical model of reality that suggests the physical universe is akin to a giant hologram. In The Holographic Universe, Talbot made many references to the work of David Bohm (physicist) and Karl Pribram, and it is quite apparent that the combined work of Bohm and Karl Pribram is largely the cornerstone upon which Talbot built his ideas.

Does objective reality exist? Or is the universe a phantasm?

If intuition is a filtering of information using ESP, or by touch, smell, taste, sound or sight, our survival depends on intuition…on any universe.

Precognition is the filtering of future events, the act of knowing prior to the event that it will occur. Precognition is random and according to studies, 80 – 85 percent of precognitive experiences concern family or friends.

Think of it, the last time you experienced an emotional upset or and disaster…was the experience tied to precognition. Several passengers from the Titanic had a dream about the ship sinking. One businessman in particular didn’t get on the ship, not because of the third time he’d had the dream but because he missed the ship. The same with 911. Family or friends of passengers dreamed of the death of their friend/loved ones and did or didn’t act on the precognition.

Humans, in general, are comfortable discussing intuition. According to the Bible “A person with the gift of prophecy may receive messages in various ways, including visions (Ezekiel 1), dreams (Daniel 7), words of knowledge or wisdom, discernment and the operation of another spiritual gift such as teaching (Paul’s epistles, Hebrews, James). Very often the prophet’s message will come in a way that requires the prophet to find the words to describe the message. It may even be in the form of a strong emotional impression.”

Most people are not comfortable discussing precognition; however, precognition may be the next evolution level.

I’ll share an excerpt from Believe

She raised her right palm up and lifted both shoulders. “I don’t know. The name or office begins with a ‘D’. Could be Day, DA, or Assistant DA or Commissioner Dauh. I know it’ll be a five-year-old boy who’s associated with a prominent figure. In the vision, I glimpsed an extremely large Georgian-style house. It sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Circular drive. Old house, early eighteen hundreds. Tall gnarled trees line the front and along the sides. The details are still a little murky.”

“That’s all the information you can remember from this dream?” The slightest movement, a turn of her head or body down or away, would indicate that she lied. She didn’t, but sat straight as a rod and locked her stare onto his, brown to blue.

“Vision. Look, I know you don’t have any reason to trust me. I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories about fortune-tellers, gypsies, and how they’re skilled at confidence games. I do not provide parlor tricks.” With twitching fingers, she rubbed the coin and kicked her foot with a steady pendulum swing and then as fast as the second hand on a clock.

How many dimensions are there in the universe?

jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.

The Valkyrie and the Marine, The Wild Rose Press, July 18, 2012

Jewel Heist Diamonds used to be this girl’s best friend.

Dark Sun He’s almost an angel and she’s pure temptation. Cobblestone-Press

Trade Agreement LASR Best Book.
All rights reserved.


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