Creepy…Solid Creepy


I’m a fan…can’t wait to decorate. I love to dress in costume. I enjoy sharing snacks with little globins, witches and ghouls of all types.

This year, we’re living in a new location, so I’m not sure of the trick or treater turn-out.

Plus, I don’t believe my new house likes me. Little things have happened since we’ve lived there: electrical problems, fire, two month old fridge shooting ice cubes onto the tile floor…you know little events.

Halloween 2012…I was in the library, trying to make my wolf human in a current WIP, when the door bell rang. The sidewalk and street is visible from my desk chair. There wasn’t a vehicle in the driveway, on the street, nor a person to be seen.

Excited, the dogs went to the front door, barking and hopping. Glancing through the side panels, no human could be seen. We were in our third day of rain, so nothing but misty rain and fog was outside.

An hour later knock-knock-knocking.

No person. No ghoul. No vehicle.

I let the K-9’s out in the back yard and noticed frozen hand prints on the glass door. I’m 5’2… and the prints were located about six foot.

What say you? Is my house haunted?




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