Dogs and Birds?

Happy New Year!

I’ve started the New Year with a teaching fine arts position. To get the public interested in my products I need to create a showcase, so I’ve been rapidly crafting in preparation.

First, I painted, using various techniques to create modern art paintings, because that was easy for me. Next, I fashioned paper sack jewelry, super easy to cut various shapes from heavy paper sack to create necklaces, earrings , brooches and bracelets.  My husband was amazed how realistic the pendants and charms looked.

Yesterday, I recycled burnt out light bulbs to create birds.

See how nice they look.


Lightbulb Birds Web


Anyone who has read my blogs is aware my son rescued a little dog, Roo. 



R F Web
Isn’t she adorable?

 She doesn’t like to be patted on the head or her ears rubbed. When I attach the leash to the harness, she dips her back as if in fear. According to our vet she’s about four. My son was advised she’d been victimized by a much larger dog and had a litter of pups as a result, so she’s shy around larger dogs. She adores my lad. Now, eight months later she follows me everywhere and loves to be walked and her stomach rubbed.

Which brings me back to the birds. As I was attaching feathers on the birds I noticed one missing. I checked under the freight coffee table, my work space for the day, but the white bird wasn’t under the sofa. And oddly enough, Roo wasn’t to be found.

Her favorite sleeping location is in the office around the corner from the living room where I was crafting. Upon searching, I found her choking back pretty white feathers from the light bulb bird. She’d gnawed on the neck and punctured holes in the tissue paper.

Feathers were sticking from our loveable dog’s mouth.

I lunged.

She darted.

By the time I caught her, the feathers were history. Until later, when they splattered all over the carpet along with chicken jerky and undigested dog food.

Unfortunately for my husband, I’ve never been able to handle vomit and tend to hurl a little myself when encountering the sloppy, stinky mess.  Roo and I high tailed it to the office, leaving the mess to our knight-with-a-shiny bucket.


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