Conference for Writers…May 18, 2013

2013 Writers Conference at the Greensburg Learning Center has been cahnged from April 27th to May 18. $35.00 pays for your workshops and lunch, which is provided by the center.

Workshop Leaders: (each session is 90 minutes long)
* Suzanne Purewal – Character Development
* Chris Marks – Marketing (not yet confirmed)
* Vicki Weaver – The Novel Pitch
* Suzy Milhoan – Ask the Agents; Writing a Killer First Chapter; Six Secrets to
Novel Writing No One Has Told You About.
* Dan Logan ā€“ 2 Workshops only – “BEYOND THE FIRST DRAFT — A Top Ten List
for Getting Published.” (sessions 2 and 3)
* Sherry Traylor ā€“ 1 workshop only ā€“ Writing and Publishing Your Memoir or
Autobiography. (1st session ONLY)

* Ron Collins – Ron will be doing a one-on-one critique session. Work must be
present to Ron after your enrollment fees have been paid. If you are interested
in a 30 minute critique session, submit your work via email to me at and it will be forwarded to Ron once your admission fees


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