Butterfly Life

April is a time of year that brings me great joy.

Spring is a time of rebirth, sharp beauty illuminated. ??????????
Grass greens, buds form on trees, yellow daffodils brighten while purple hyacinths sweetly scent the air. I love to stroll past the ponds in my neighborhood to see the mallard couples nesting in preparation of creating new life.
Later my gardens blossom with a cornucopia of vibrant colors and draws nature’s tiny beasts, like butterflies, to dine on the flowers succulent nectars.

One late spring while I was working in my gardens a Monarch butterfly landed on the back of my hand. butterfly monarch
Even as I lifted my arm to look closely at the gorgeous orange and black design the insect didn’t move. A few seconds later I shouted for my husband to view the odd beast which apparently had taken root on my skin. Finally, it flew away leaving me without my gorgeous ornament.

Four weeks later a Canadian friend visited. The previous year my boss (HPL), Scott, and I started a memorial fund for one of our doctoral students. Kim passed from breast cancer a few weeks after receiving her Ph.D. To keep her memory, alive each year we have an inspirational speaker present a hot topic to all of the students from athletics, exercise science, biomechanics and human development. 
Kim’s mother stayed with my family. She stated by being close to the people who spent the last few months constantly with Kim gave her a sense of satisfaction.

During Mrs. Schultz’s visit, she brought out photos to share. Some of Kim’s friends went on a retreat to reminisce Kim and the awesome life she’d led. On a rocky cliff, near water’s edge, a Monarch butterfly landed on each of the women gathered.  It’s brilliant colors glimmered as it landed on the boot of one, the shoulder or another, the top of one young lady’s head and over the heart of Kim’s mother. The butterfly stayed long enough on each person to be photographed.

I related my story of the Monarch in my garden and my husband looked at me as if he knew where I was leading… and I did go there. That butterfly was Kim, wishing her friends a lovely good-bye.

Spring is a time for rebirth or reincarnation and nothing is more impressive that the short life cycle of a Monarch butterfly or a reincarnated friend visiting loved ones. “Memories are more than just a link to the past…sometimes they’re all we have that will last.”??????????




Melody’s Song…

On backside of the ticket the teen had drawn an insect. The detail of the butterfly with its shading and fine line drawing could have been framed and displayed in the Smart Museum of Art.

Melody added seven dollars to the ticket, changed the number to ten and slid the money into the cash register. Betty and Birdy stood quietly talking at the counter. She wanted to laugh at the odd combination of Betty’s bright green hair and Birdy’s white. Betty held strong at sixty years old but attempted current day trends in hair and clothing. She proudly had four piercings in each ear and wore grunge clothing. She sometimes got her time warps mixed.

“Do either of you know what this means?”

“Looks like a butterfly,” Birdy laconically said.

“I know that. What does it mean, symbolize?” Maybe a butterfly meant thank you in some current day language.

“Hope. It’s the symbol for hope,” Betty said while reaching under her blouse. She pulled out a silver chain and, at the end, was a medallion with a butterfly‐shaped cutout and hope written in bold writing underneath. “Butterfly means hope, primarily has a religious meaning.


Melody’s Song 

ISBN: 978-1-60088-256-2





Melody Haney has an angelic singing voice, but denies the gift after her son dies. Out of obligation, when she is asked to sing to hospitalized children she agrees. Accused of stealing drugs, from the oncology unit, she pushes away the one man who would stand by her.

Dr. Devon Siegal, pediatric oncologist, doesn’t believe in coincidences. Even when faced with evidence that could damn her, he continues to believe in Melody’s innocence. He has faith she will tell him everything and love will prevail.

 jj Keller

Fantasies with spice and humor.


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