Aliens in Roanoke

From the Front Porch I see an alien calling card, a faux crop circle on my yard.

grass circles

For those of you, who are unfamiliar with a crop circle, tamped down wheat, corn, oats, rice, barley, rye, tobacco, or even weeds, a pattern of elaborate design is formed. Sometimes the patterns are simple circles or elaborate geometric shapes.

Celtic-Knot Crop Circle A formation at West Kennett in Wiltshire that looks like a Celtic symbol called the Triskell.

See how the area is so clean it appears to have been created by a machine? The shoots are bent, simply laying down and sometimes continue to grow as normal. Crop circles have been occurring since 1500’s as picture in artwork of a “mowing devil.” John Rand Capron, Surrey, England, described a field of wheat appearing to have been blown by cyclonic wind action, forming circles.
“But the phenomenon didn’t gain attention until 1980, when a farmer in Wiltshire County, England, discovered three circles, each about 60 feet (18 meters) across, in his oat crops. UFO researchers and media descended on the farm, and the world first began to learn about crop circles.” (How stuff works)

In the 1990’s crop circles became a tourist attraction with more elaborate crop circles appearing in layered patterns clockwise and counterclockwise. They can range from a few inches to hundreds of feet across. Not only do crop circles appear in Indiana, but England, Australia, Japan, and India.

When do they typically appear? April to September. My yard art was September 11, 2013.

So why do crop circles appear?

Outside a visit from aliens, one theory is that they are a result of wind, whirling burst of air jet to the ground…kind of like the dust devils in my living room. Some researchers believe the patterns are created by earth and electromagnetic radiation, because people standing inside a crop circle have felt strange sensations, dizziness and tingling. Finally, human hoax. You can have your own crop circle created. Go to

Have tiny aliens appeared in my front yard, leaving a little message just for my enjoyment?
purple alien

As an author writing paranormal, fantasy, and suspense I like to imagine miniature aliens left a message for me, but more than likely due to the drought in my area, it’s just dead grass.
What are your thoughts?

Have you visited a crop circle site?

What do you believe?


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