Spring into Romance Tour!

Greetings! I’ve taken a break to share exciting news.  I’m in galley mode for the last of the Valkyrie Trilogy, Memory of Love, the story of Skogul from The Valkyrie and the Marine and Pippa’s Rescue. Stripped of her powers and her memories, she seeks information about a wolf. A wolf is predicted to take down Odin during the Great War. Who knew love would change the course of events.


Look at this blurb!
Power, Family, and Loyalty: The coveted three can join a shifter and Valkyrie in love or tear them apart forever.

Tied to a tree in the midst of thieves, the Valkyrie Skogul wakes without memory of who she is or of the man she once loved. Using curiously deadly skills, she escapes. Injured and exhausted, a wolf befriends her and leads her to a house where the hunky owner’s eyes look strangely familiar.

Aidan Hall, former guardian of Hell’s Gate, doesn’t trust anyone. So when a beautiful amnesia victim he’s never met appears at his door, why does he feel a connection? Who and what he is will keep them apart. But when dark magik shows up in his woods, his guard intensifies. Is it Skogul or someone else?

When Demons flood through Hell’s Gate, can he stop them, or will the memory of love be the death of him?

My work is different from others of its genre. All authors want to stand out and make their story different from others. I like to craft unique stories and in this series I used mythology as the base, but created tales with a different interpretation than what is reported in the history books. Above all else the hero and heroine work to find the love, because like life nothing is simple.

I imagine you are wondering why I write what I do?

Once I tried to write a story of what my mother-in-law envisioned, on her life. The story was the most difficult for me to put on paper and became so convoluted the readers complained some of the tale didn’t seem real. Odd to read that review—since the book was based on truth.

After that single experience I stuck to what I knew and loved, suspense, fantasy and the mystery of paranormal and I haven’t encountered roadblocks. (Knock on wood!)

How does my writing process work?

I dream. I write. I edit. I submit my work to a critique group and they shred it. I polish, working toward perfection, and then query. The query process continues to be the challenge for me. I dislike writing a blurb and a synopsis and they must shine before the editors will look at three chapters or the entire story.

book covers Valkyrie

I want to thank Zrinka Jelic for inviting me to be on the blog tour with her, you might want to check out her stories, they truly excite.

Here are other wonderful and exciting authors who are blogging on this tour. They write suspense spiked with dynamic romance. You’ll want to read some of their books.

Morgan Hannah MacDonald writes Romantic Thrillers that are NOT for the faint of heart. She’s held many positions , including a teller where her hands and feet were bound while armed robbers took over the bank. Later she learned she’d dated a serial killer. Visit her website: www.morganhannahmacdonald.com

Naomi Frazer, author of Mistwalker, Naomi Fraser is an Australian author who writes fresh and different romance. She writes whatever the muse tells her to and is a member of RWA Kiss Of Death. This has ranged from poetry, a children’s story, a cookbook, paranormal romance, YA romantic fantasy, and a science-fiction fantasy romance. She manages her writing life alongside her duties as a mother and takes inspiration from anything life can throw her way.



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