Fall into Love Contest

Fall is coming soon…especially due to climate changes. School begins again and in my ‘neck of the woods’ it’s apple picking season. Red Delicious apples are my favorite..and so is The Romance Reviews Fall into Love party.

Fall into Love Party Poster

You might win! (http://www.theromancereviews.com)

I’m excited to give away an ebook copy of Memory of Love, to be released August 13, 2014.

Join me. Enjoy the party…

Here is a preview of Memory of Love

Power, Family, and Loyalty: The coveted three can join a shifter and Valkyrie in love or tear them apart forever.
Tied to a tree in the midst of thieves, the Valkyrie Skogul wakes without memory of who she is or of the man she once loved. Using curiously deadly skills, she escapes. Injured and exhausted, a wolf befriends her and leads her to a house where the hunky owner’s eyes look strangely familiar.
Aidan Hall, former guardian of Hell’s Gate, doesn’t trust anyone. So when a beautiful amnesia victim he’s never met appears at his door, why does he feel a connection? Who and what he is will keep them apart. But when dark magik shows up in his woods, his guard intensifies. Is it Skogul or someone else?



jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.

The Valkyrie and the Marine, Pippa’s Rescue,The Wild Rose Press

Jewel Heist Diamonds used to be this girl’s best friend.

 Shadow of the Hawk & Dark Sun He’s almost an angel and she’s pure temptation.




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