Carole Lombard, superstar from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Carole Lombard! Umm, you’re probably thinking the name sounds familiar.


She was a Hollywood Movie Superstar. Ms. Lombard, was born in 1908 and left for the glitz and glamour at the age of sixteen. Her birth name was Jane Alice Peters. This amazing actress lived in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her ancestral home has most recently been a bed and breakfast in need of a make over.

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Ms. Lombard took roles in screwball comedies in the 1930’s. She was one heralded as one of the highest paid movie stars of her era. I love the irony given it was a time of economic downturn.

When I decided to write a blog about Carole Lombard, I watched one of her movies, Nothing Sacred. Her co-star was Fredric March. The movie evolved around a radon-poisoned character, Hazel Flagg. Hazel was misdiagnosed by a small-town physician. During her last days, a New York newspaper wanted to make her the toast of the town. The day the reporter arrived to take her to the city that never sleeps, the doctor told her he’d made a mistake. She was healthy.

Fredric March was forgettable, but Carole…she had pizazz. Her stage presence drew me into the story despite the hokey plot line. I want to watch more of her movies—the select few because at 33 years old she was killed in a horrific plane crash.

During her short life she was married twice, once to William Powell for two years and then Clark Gable. If you’ve ever watched Captain Ron the yacht Kurt Russell navigates was once owned by Clark Gable. CG +CL is engraved in the wood of the master bedroom.

The city of Fort Wayne, Indiana commemorates Carole by placing a star on the sidewalk outside the Embassy Theatre.


And a bridge has been named in her honor.

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photo 4

Some of her movies include: Marriage in Transit with Fox Film Corp, but they dropped her after she had a car accident and her face was scarred. She appeared in a few short films. Finally she got contract with Paramount and acted in Buddy Rogers and Safety in Numbers, Man of the World, Ladies Man. She co-starred with Clark Gable in No Man of Her Own Other films like Bolero, Hands Across the Table, The Princess Comes Across, My Man

Godfrey, Swing High, Swing Low, and Nothing Sacred. Her final movies were Made for Each Other, Name Only and Vigil in the Night and even a thriller by Alfred Hitchcock’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Watch one of Ms. Lombard’s movies. She was an energetic force on the stage and in front of the camera. Please let me know your review.

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