Believe…do you?

Interiew with a hunk!

I’m trying something different with this blog. An author friend, Kathleen Grieve, is going to interview Jensen Palmer, Chicago Police Force Detective, star and hero in Believe. He also reappears in Melody’s Song, the third in the series. Kathleen wrote a terrific medical romance, The Doctor’s Deception.

I’ve posted the book cover to the side, so you can see what a hunky man he is…also, you can read an excerpt by visiting my website, or at Cobblestone Press

Picture this setting: Jensen’s mansion, outside city limits, has a country feel with trees and plants surrounding the estate. We are in the conservatory, which has scrumptious beige, brown and cream Italian slate floor. The furniture is bamboo, with bright printed tropical print cushions. A silver serving tray with a carafe of water, a bowl of lemon wedges, and a plate of cinnamon bread, his favorite according to Mikhail, rests on the glass coffee table top. Kathleen has a seven inch notebook PC and Jensen has a PDA that he’s continually punching buttons. Introductions have been made, so I’ll sit quietly in the corner and Kathleen will take over, from her point of view.

Kathleen opens the dialogue: Mr. Palmer, how long have you been with the CPD?

Mr. Palmer: Please call me Jensen. I’ve been with the CPD for ten years, and half of that as a detective.

Kathleen: (Nods.) Yes, I’d love to. Jensen, how do you feel about co-starring in Believe?

Jensen: My role progressed quickly and the action was rapid fire. My co-star is well, as you can see, beautiful and intelligent. (He points into another room, where Mikhail is tinkling piano keys with their son, Jack. She is a attractive woman, blond hair, lean body, pretty face. Mental note: keep jealousy at bay.)

Kathleen: How did you first feel about your co-star, Mikhail?

Jensen: I was instantly drawn to her. She is gorgeous. After I got past the fact that she was a fortune teller, let’s say I’ve adjusted to her abilities, and now…well you can see how it all turned out.

Kathleen: At the end of Believe you hadn’t caught the leader of the Dark Angels. Do you catch her in Melody’s Song?

Jensen: I guess your audience will have to read it to find out. (Wink).

Kathleen: (I couldn’t keep the excitement out of my voice.) Will there be another book in this series?

Jensen: (He smiles, that sexy slight lifting of his mouth. His blue-gray eyes twinkle and my PC slips a little on my lap.) I believe there may be another novel. It certainly depends on how well the readers respond to Melody’s Song. I wouldn’t mind being the hero again.

Kathleen: Mikhail had some trials to get past in Believe, and you of course, hero that you are, saved her. How did it make you feel to see her in such jeopardy?

Jensen: (He glances toward Mikhail, she glances up and smiles. The energy between the two was so sharp and intense I thought my tiny PC would melt all of its circuit’s right then.) The process of loving another being changes a person’s perspective. I don’t look at an object or situation the same today, as I would have prior to loving Mikhail. She is a strong independent woman, she’ll always be so, (I think he mumbled “much to my dismay” under his breath), so when she was in a tight situation it was imperative for me to act. There hadn’t been true thinking or plotting involved. I simply had to get her free and to safety. I’d give my life in exchange for hers.

Kathleen: (I squirmed in my seat a little. Hot. Hot. Hot.) How did you feel about your author?

Jensen: jj’s great. She developed my character in a logical and sensitive fashion. I think she could have added a few more sex scenes for Mikhail and me. (He winks and I’m drawn to the little groove under his lip. Perfect set of lips. Perfectly matched set of lips. Calm down…)

Kathleen: Did you have any problems with your author?

Jensen: I would have liked to have fired my gun more. (He smiled at jj.) I voiced this before she wrote Melody’s Song.

Kathleen: So, there’s gun play in Melody’s Song?

Jensen: He shrugged his broad shoulders, encased in a dark blue Armani suit, and I completely lost my train of thought.

Kathleen: Ah, how easy is jj to work with?

Jensen: She’s very considerate. I know Sable, from Cobblestone-Press, loves her work.
Kathleen: We have ten minutes left. Do you want to talk about your role in Melody’s Song, which is being released in the spring of 2008, right?

Jensen: In Melody’s Song I’ve tracked down some of the drugs being used on the kidnapped children in Believe. Several thefts occurred in a local hospital. The star, Devon Siegal, is a pediatric oncologist. He helps me track who’s stealing the drugs. Unfortunate for him, the evidence points to his love interest, Melody Haney. She’s a waitress and opera singer. The girl has a fabulous voice. The release date is in April, I think.

Kathleen: From what you’re telling me you’re the hero in this book too? (He shot me a look that seriously made me squirm. His dreamy eyes, adorable smile and quick wit had won me over.)

Mikhail laughed from the other room. Jensen glanced at her. She shouted, “Sorry for the interruption.”

(Damn, I forgot she could read minds. Clear the mind. Erase all lustful thoughts.)

Jensen: Devon’s the real hero of Melody’s Song. I just get to use my Glock! (He tapped his gun lodged inside a shoulder holster strap. And then, he chuckled.) And of course I protect my constantly interfering wife.

Mikhail laughed louder, jj snickered, and a sweet youthful laugh chimed through the air.

Kathleen: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today. Perhaps I can return once Melody’s Song has been released and talk with you again? (I powered down and stowed my PC in my oversized handbag.)

Jensen rose from his chair, held out his strong masculine hand. I quickly put my palm against his and he assisted me from the sofa. I couldn’t break eye contact with this fabulous hero and was reluctant to let go of the connection.

Finally, jj coughed and I released the hunk’s hand and meandered toward his equally handsome son and beautiful wife.

End of Interview.

Thanks, Kathleen!

Mikhail Romanasky has the gift of second sight. When her latest vision is of a kidnapped child, she reluctantly approaches the Chicago Police Force, endeavoring to prevent the crime.

Detective Jensen Palmer doesn’t believe in the ability to foretell the future. But when his nephew is targeted, he is forced to trust his only source of information, the ever-so-attractive Amazing Mikhail. To do his job, his has to believe in the impossible.

Neither is looking for love. Both are looking for a criminal.

Will they find love along the way?

All rights reserved.

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