A Woman with Cancer

Update: Deborah Brown, aspiring author, passed away from colon cancer on June 8, 2016. Her faith, love, and kindness will be missed.

I visited a friend, Deb, in the hospital today. Despite her worsening condition, she maintains faith in her God and that he will help her survive cancer for the second time.

I met Deb when I taught a writing class for Fort Wayne schools. A group of aspiring authors soaked in the information I’d acquired writing and getting published. The diverse class members had a variety of topics and a strong desire to create their own stories.

Deb got stymied and asked for help in finding direction for her story.

Through discussion we discovered our paths might have crossed in the past. She worked in the graduate office at Ball State University when I finished my M.A. We also had similar views regarding mortality, war, and the simple love of humankind.

After further exploration, she revealed her complex past.

While her desire to pen a tale evolved from her commitment to God and doing good deeds in his name, the essence of her true story was her recovery from breast cancer and the murder of her husband.

My mouth dropped to the floor. Health Issues. Peril. A young boy deprived of his father. Not only had Deb suffered the loss of her first love, but also had to endure the trial of the woman who stabbed him.

A light shone in her face.

This aspiring author grasped what most creative novelists realize…passion and writing go hand-in-hand.

The words streamed and she couldn’t put them on paper fast enough. All of those emotions, she’d kept hidden inside, flowed from her and into an amazing narrative.


We’ve remained friends and see each other once a month, but her story isn’t finished.

Deb told me I came into her life for a reason, claiming I provided a means for her to sort out her past and have resolution. Perhaps; however, she has given me friendship and a role model for an authentically honest and good person.

I hope she’s able to complete her story.


Here is a photo of Deb helping me set-up for a book signing. She dreams of becoming a published author.

Deb Brown

Blessed be,


Face (1)



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