Jensen ran his hands over the surface of the credenza. She envied the authentic Kingwood, she wanted him to run his fingers over her as he did the exotic floral-designed inlay. Would he realize she was authentic also?

One amazingly detailed bronze statue of Pan and a crystal ball held court on the marble tabletop. Jensen lifted the statue and examined all ten inches of it.

“Pan, half-man, half-goat, is a symbol for male virility and sexuality. While seated on the boulder, he’s holding a musical instrument, a syrinx. His eyes are focused on the nymph at the other end.” She lifted her gaze to meet his, connected, and then half lowered her lids. “The nymph is Echo, a great singer and dancer who scorned the love of any man. Her long flowing hair encases her shoulders. Her mouth’s open in song. As you can see, one of her delicate, muscular legs is raised above her head. A seductive look is in her eyes.”

Jensen had a similar pained expression on his face to Pan’s as he lowered the statue. Her heart beat with a fast cadence to match Aphrodite’s tail thumping against the floor. The crystal ball glowed, while it absorbed the first revitalizing light of the day. His fingers ran over the surface of the clear glass orb.

“You’re slyly courting the unknown. Do you want to see what is hidden in the depths of the oracle?”

All Rights Reserved.

This book is the second in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk.


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