The Watcher

The Watcher




“His name is Netzach. He’s your watcher.” She focused on the cards.

“His name is Netzach.” The name alone sent warm tingles throughout Emily’s body. She slid the name around on her tongue, caressed it and softly enunciated the heavenly name aloud again. “Netzach.”

She squint her eyes and pierced Mikhail with a fierce look. “What is a watcher?”

“Return on Monday if you want answers.” Mikhail dismissed her and walked toward a door.

Emily assumed the door led to the back of the house.

“Wait, who is Ariel?”

“You’re Ariel.”

“What does that mean?” Emily’s original goal was to find out about the voice. Now she had another set of questions. “Return on Monday for answers.” Mikhail firmly closed the door.

Emily ground her teeth. With a sigh she returned to the lobby and found Melody asleep on the sofa. She must have overdosed on the sugar today, because the sofa did not look comfortable. Even with the weight of Melody’s round body, no indentations appeared on the cushions.

“Melody!” Emily shook her.


Emily went to the door, opened and closed it. The bells jangled loudly and echoed in the room. She repeated it two more times, until finally Melody came out of her stupor. The cat took off at a run to follow the fortune teller’s path.

“You’re giving me a headache.” Melody puckered her brow into a frown and then rose from the sofa. She gathered their bags and trinkets.

“Let’s go. I may have broken the fortune-teller.”

The Watcher


All Rights Reserved.

This is the first book in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk. 


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