Peepers in Trouble

Not, not the peeper looking in the window or hiding in the bushes…rather frogs: Spring Peeper. Their chirping call marks the beginning of spring and the tune is oh so lovely you won’t (don’t) get enough of their serenade.

According to Brian, with the Little River Wetlands Project (, fewer peepers are born, so the musical night songs have significantly diminished. This is Brian and peeper tadpoles-

Spring Peepers chanting chorus bring to life the shadowed deep moist woodlands. Life without peepers to welcome the spring and bring cheer to our hearts would be a horrible loss.

Their diets range from beetles, ants, flies and spiders. I love this little brown frog simply because it eliminates the tiny pests. If only they’d eat mosquitos!

Why are the peepers in trouble? Humans! We put chemicals on our fields, yards, flora and when it rains the pesticides run off into the water (tadpoles fee on algae and organisms in the water), the forest, across the earth. Keep this in mind when you use harsh chemicals in your house and yard or fields/farm.


The above picture is of Brian getting worked-up about humans devastating our wild life. Nice guy-strong message.

Predators are another reason the peepers are reducing in number like the great diving beetle, snakes, skunks and other larger frogs feast on the little guys.

Spring Peepers are a small frog with a colossal magical chirp. As humans, let us work together to keep them safe and our earth full of animal life.


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