Weather Vanes: Maine

I recently visited Maine, the Kennebunkport area. In contrast to the ninety-eight degree eighty-four percent humidity of Indiana, the air was cool and it rained several days. We didn’t mind the coolness or the condensation, as it was a nice respite from hot and dry. Originally I wanted to get some snaps of lighthouses…to add to the portfolio of other state’s provider of lights; however, the area we visited consisted of the Twin Lighthouses, Old Beach Lighthouse and Goat Island Lighthouse, so my focus went to a new interest, weather vanes. Like the famous wild blueberry bushes, weather “veins” dot the landscape.

While weather vanes(flags) are not unique exclusively to the state of Maine, they have a shipyard full and I took many shots of unique directional icons sitting on top of cupolas in the small picturesque Kennebunkport area.

The first weather vane, according to Wikipedia, is from the Greek/Roman era 50BCE and was a combination Bronze Titan wind directional, sundial and water clock. I wish I had this interest when we visited Italy last fall because they have the oldest surviving weather vane, Gallo di Ramperto, which is the shape of a rooster.

Gold church.


Ship (love it).






Swashbuckling flag?? Bear?



Simple navigational.




Bird, in 101BCE the Chinese used wind-indicating bronze birds on top of their compass. The letter, N-S-E-W will show the direction.

IMG_2282  realbird.jpg LOL, real bird, flew away seconds later.

Rooster became popular as a symbol for Christianity. Jesus predicted Peter would deny him three times before the rooster would crow. Roosters became an emblem for calling the flock to church.

IRooster.JPGSorry, my pic was very blurred so I borrowed from Pinterest.


bird Pineapple?



And the Bush compound in Kennebunkport has a whale.


A wind vane, weathercock, is an instrument used during the old school navigational days, to indicate the direction the wind is blowing, and according to Wikipedia today weather vanes are “Modern aerovanas combine the direction vane with an anemometer (measure wind speed).

I’ve found though my adventures, of taking photographs of weather vanes winding through Maine and researching when they came into existence, the topper of a cupola is diverse in structure and sometimes…the bird is simply real and indicates the direction of the wind by flying.

I hope you enjoyed my journey. Please share any of your weather vane images.


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  1. Great Weather Vanes. I have a Photo Challenge Weekly and Weather Vanes are the topic. Join in if you ever want to share with even more bloggers. Your weather vanes are awesome.


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