Jensen ran his hands over the surface of the credenza. She envied the authentic Kingwood, she wanted him to run his fingers over her as he did the exotic floral-designed inlay. Would he realize she was authentic also?

One amazingly detailed bronze statue of Pan and a crystal ball held court on the marble tabletop. Jensen lifted the statue and examined all ten inches of it.

“Pan, half-man, half-goat, is a symbol for male virility and sexuality. While seated on the boulder, he’s holding a musical instrument, a syrinx. His eyes are focused on the nymph at the other end.” She lifted her gaze to meet his, connected, and then half lowered her lids. “The nymph is Echo, a great singer and dancer who scorned the love of any man. Her long flowing hair encases her shoulders. Her mouth’s open in song. As you can see, one of her delicate, muscular legs is raised above her head. A seductive look is in her eyes.”

Jensen had a similar pained expression on his face to Pan’s as he lowered the statue. Her heart beat with a fast cadence to match Aphrodite’s tail thumping against the floor. The crystal ball glowed, while it absorbed the first revitalizing light of the day. His fingers ran over the surface of the clear glass orb.

“You’re slyly courting the unknown. Do you want to see what is hidden in the depths of the oracle?”

All Rights Reserved.

This book is the second in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk.


Dark Shadows


In Cyan, Indiana, Dark Shadows is a pub filled with unique characters. The bar is a draw for the unusual, the wicked, and a place where even a Guardian defining justice can’t depart.

Henri Chambers is tired of immortality. A Guardian squad member of heaven and hell, he is on a new mission…to find a recruit for the team and hopefully his replacement. He finds his quarry in a pub called Dark Shadows. Unfortunately, the target is the brother of the first woman to ignite a fire inside Henri in centuries.

Tori Kepler, half owner of Dark Shadows bar and grill has been diligent in her efforts to subdue her fire starting abilities. That is, until she meets Henri Chambers, then uncontrollable sparks fly. When her brother sees the ghost of their mother and a prophecy is given via two tarot cards, The Hierophant and Seven of Swords, he decides to sell the pub. The decision about what path to take in her life is taken out of her hands and Henri’s.

Will the two lovers find heaven on Earth in each other’s arms or will their paths take divergent courses?

This is what Rachel Nial had to say: There was so much passion in DARK SHADOWS that I thought my head would explode. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! And what a finish! DARK SHADOWS has it all: Good versus Evil; Love, Lust and Secrets competing for dominance; boundless love and those velvet ties that transcend even the strangest of circumstances.

Buy Dark Shadows Print

Buy Dark Shadows E

Suspense Books

TradeAgreement_w278_120 Falling in love with the next door neighbor—impulsive.
Kidnapped by her ex-husband—startling.
Traded for contraband on the high seas—unbelievable.
Photo-journalist, Georgina Barrister, realizes she has little time left in this world when her ex-husband hands her over as partial payment for a shipment of illegal imports. Apparently being the perfect wife, the perfect hostess, and the perfect lover hadn’t been enough for him. What did he expect of her now, to be the perfect token? As a captive on a freighter, how will she escape?
Special Agent Jake Callahan believes love at first sight is impossible, until he meets Georgina Barrister Kaplan. However, his assignment on a high-seas trafficking case must overrule his feelings when Georgina becomes the prime suspect.

In search for the truth will they lose their one chance at happiness?

Trade Agreement

TheTarotCard_w1816_680 A stalled elevator.
A sexy gypsy.
A straight-laced CEO.
Fate has a sense of humor.
Kerry McClure must secure her future as head of her father’s corporation. She simply needs to sign a contract with Rune Technologies to ward off a hostile takeover. When Kerry’s mistaken for a gypsy fortuneteller, she plays along, but could one night of fun jeopardize her CEO confirmation?
Stein Laxdale needs the business deal with McClure Ventures or he’ll lose control of Rune Technologies. He must decide if Kerry is his biggest threat or his greatest hope for a happily ever after.

The Tarot Card

Love Hurts
Love Hurts133x200 Can you ever really trust in love?
Falling in love with her fiancé’s best friend is wrong—right? Not in Shania Miller’s case it isn’t. The man she vowed to marry has a second fiancée and failed to remember her after returning from Iraq. Now, unable to trust in love, she answers lonely hearts calls, saving up enough money to attend a university three hours away from the only home she’s known.
Broken hearted, Shania and her son move to Briarwood, Indiana. Struggling financially, she wonders if she’ll ever have a complete family – one with a mommy and a daddy for her son – will become a reality?

Mark Hardwick stood silently by as his friend broke Shania Miller’s heart. His faith allows him to help Shania, especially after she’s abandoned by her fiancé and family. Why then, did he hesitate when she announced her broken engagement and love for him on his wedding day?

Content warning, explicit sex scenes and violence.

Love Hurts

Jewel Heist
captivating-books-pinterest-images Before the actual conception, Mary Keefe’s chosen baby daddy robbed her grandfather’s jewelry store stealing a million dollars in diamonds. To save her family’s legacy , she must bear a child. With time running out, her only recourse is to take a previously scheduled cruise and find a suitable sperm donor. For investigator, John Kajiyama, the mounting evidence against Mary Keefe is insurmountable. Yet, how could the beautiful woman falling into his bed be the jewel thief? In search of the truth, he embarks on an escapade that could unknowingly lead him to fatherhood. 

Jewel Heist

The Watcher

The Watcher




“His name is Netzach. He’s your watcher.” She focused on the cards.

“His name is Netzach.” The name alone sent warm tingles throughout Emily’s body. She slid the name around on her tongue, caressed it and softly enunciated the heavenly name aloud again. “Netzach.”

She squint her eyes and pierced Mikhail with a fierce look. “What is a watcher?”

“Return on Monday if you want answers.” Mikhail dismissed her and walked toward a door.

Emily assumed the door led to the back of the house.

“Wait, who is Ariel?”

“You’re Ariel.”

“What does that mean?” Emily’s original goal was to find out about the voice. Now she had another set of questions. “Return on Monday for answers.” Mikhail firmly closed the door.

Emily ground her teeth. With a sigh she returned to the lobby and found Melody asleep on the sofa. She must have overdosed on the sugar today, because the sofa did not look comfortable. Even with the weight of Melody’s round body, no indentations appeared on the cushions.

“Melody!” Emily shook her.


Emily went to the door, opened and closed it. The bells jangled loudly and echoed in the room. She repeated it two more times, until finally Melody came out of her stupor. The cat took off at a run to follow the fortune teller’s path.

“You’re giving me a headache.” Melody puckered her brow into a frown and then rose from the sofa. She gathered their bags and trinkets.

“Let’s go. I may have broken the fortune-teller.”

The Watcher


All Rights Reserved.

This is the first book in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk. 

Valkyrie Series

The Valkyrie and the Marine

As a Valkyrie, Kiara of Asgard must look beyond the man to select only the best warriors to fight for Odin. But all her training deserts her when she sees Special Ops Marine Harrison Lombard. Unable to resist him, she saves his life on the battlefield instead of taking him to Valhalla. For her disloyalty, she’s given five days as a human while Odin decides her fate.

During a mission in North Korea, Harrison’s Force Reconnaissance team is ambushed. Critically wounded, he’s straddled by a magnificent blonde wearing a helmet of feathers who eliminates his pain. Before he can find out who she is, she’s gone. When she turns up in the States months later, he can hardly believe his luck—or the fire burning between them.

But Odin still has a claim on Harrison’s soul. Will his angel of mercy save him again? Or has she come to collect?

Kiara looked deep into her chosen one’s soul. She had to shake off her atypical sympathy. But the twinges in her heart and the heat between her thighs couldn’t be ignored.

Harrison’s lips were dry. His gaze held acknowledgement of equal attraction, no doubt. A smile from him would be her undoing. Three steps, Kiara. Offer him immortality, toss him on Bright, and take to the skies.

Lance in both hands she pushed the rod against his wide shoulder span. “Just to verify, what is your name?”

His muscles tensed under her, pressing into her knuckles. Despite his closeness to death Kiara felt a rise bumping, titillating, and making her yearn for a tryst. No human had ever had such an impact on her. Why now?

Ignoring the rush of emotions plaguing her body and mind, she strengthened her reserve and focused on the task. Her future with the squad depended on it. She wanted to become a captain. No tingling in her woman parts would change her course.

“Harrison Valentine Lombard.” His hips lifted, a hard long slice fit nicely between her thighs. “I can’t imagine my last thoughts to be of a siren teasing me, without allowing me to have release. Either kill me or liberate me so I can—”

“Kiara, it’s time. Grab your Einherjar and let’s ride,” Skogul bellowed.

A last burst of energy flowed from the soldier beneath Kiara. His hand stroked her breast, sliding between her skin and the gold corset. Twitches, low in her stomach, created jittering in muscles higher in her womb. More than pleasing Odin, she wanted to fornicate with this brave yet stupid man, her Valentine. “Kiara.” His alluring whisper sailed on the wind.

978-1-61217-344-3 Digital The Valkyrie and the Marine


Buy it today e-book: The Wild Rose Press 


“I found it very easy to relate to both characters; it might be fantasy, but the author expresses true emotions.”

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe



Pippa’s Rescue

Skogul, Valkyrie leader of the first squad in Valhalla, is supposed to offer immortality to former Marine Basil Vanguard. Too bad watching science fiction on the big screen is more fun. But if her assignment slips through the cracks, will Odin himself take a hand?

Basil wants justice. Determined to find the man who turned on his own unit and caused the deaths of many brave men, Basil tracks him to a Horse Rescue Ranch. But the ranch owner is the traitor’s sister, and she’s not talking. Caught off guard by her beauty–not to mention the bizarre arrival of a leather-clad Valkyrie–Basil has a hard time keeping his mind on his mission.

Animal rights activist Pippa Wilson must find her brother before the bank forecloses on their rescue ranch.

When a gorgeous Marine arrives looking for him too, she tries to resist the attraction–but will her heart listen?


“Have you ridden a horse before?” She doubted he had, but curiosity apparently ruled today.

His eyebrows twitched. “Once.”

“How long ago?” She hoped she wouldn’t have to drag the whole fear-of-horses story from him.

“When I was six.” His glance shot to the side.

Her shoulders slumped. She’d heard it all too often, and his story probably wouldn’t differ from the others. “At a birthday party where a dozen kids were around?”

“On a Merry-Go-Round,” he mumbled.

Laughter bubbled, shaking her chest. She stifled the jollies. In order to get him to trust horses, enough to mount one, she’d need to remain calm. “Okay, so you’ve never ridden a real horse?”
He shook his head. “Don’t need too. I rode a camel. Can’t say I cared for it.”

“Different beasts. How about a short ride?” She grabbed his arm and guided him to the entrance. Deep South and the man who made her rarely used parts tingle followed. “See that pond about two miles away?”

He stared into the distance. “Kind of.”
“If you ride that sweet docile filly tied to the fence over there, I’ll give you a favor.”

His expression brightened. “My pick on the favor?”

She couldn’t imagine what he’d want, except— “You won’t have to clean stable two for the rest of the week.”

Basil turned into her, swiped at a loose strand of her hair, taking the tickling away. “Although tempting, no. I want a kiss. Not like a child kisses her mum. A deep, long lasting one. A lip-lock with tongue that will guarantee satisfaction.”

978-1-62830-063-5 Digital

Pippa’s Rescue



Valkyries Kiara and Skogul battle the odds once again.


Power, Family, and Loyalty: The coveted three can join a shifter and Valkyrie in love or tear them apart forever.

Tied to a tree in the midst of thieves, the Valkyrie Skogul wakes without memory of who she is or of the man she once loved. Using curiously deadly skills, she escapes. Injured and exhausted, a wolf befriends her and leads her to a house where the hunky owner’s eyes look strangely familiar.

Aidan Hall, former guardian of Hell’s Gate, doesn’t trust anyone. So when a beautiful amnesia victim he’s never met appears at his door, why does he feel a connection? Who and what he is will keep them apart. But when dark magik shows up in his woods, his guard intensifies. Is it Skogul or someone else?

When Demons flood through Hell’s Gate, can he stop them, or will the memory of love be the death of him?

“Am I a criminal?”
Maybe a spy. He shook his head. “You’re not a criminal.”
“No missing persons reports of a woman fitting my description?”
“Not at this time, but you can’t be declared missing before twenty-four hours have passed and…”
She slid her hand from his, scooted farther against the headboard and clutched the sheet and blanket. “And?”
Way to go, Aidan. “They’re expanding the search to Europe because of your accent.”
Her eyes widened, the turquoise sparkling with renewed hope. “I’ve an accent?”
Yes, she did. A sexy, deep-throated tone. He swallowed. “European.”
“What kind of European accent?”
He lifted his shoulders and exhaled. “Bill will explore and continue with local inquires.”
Her fingers relaxed. He flipped a piece of her hair from her forehead and smoothed it into place.
“Tomorrow, if your memory hasn’t returned and no one, ah… You can stay at my house until we discover your identity. Okay with you?”
A shimmer of tears glazed her eyes. She wiped a single drop that spilled over. “Thank you. I don’t need to stay here tonight. I’m fine. Except for a couple of bruises, I’m right as rain.”

From the earlier events, she didn’t appear to be the emotional type or ever at a loss for words, so the tears twisted his gut. “Sorry. Can’t. Because of the head injury, you need to be observed. Now, Jane Doe doesn’t fit you very well. Let’s think of a temporary suitable name.”

Memory of Love



All rights reserved. 

Last Chance at Love

Last Chance at Love

When Alyson McLeod returns to Jove, she never expects her high school sweetheart to knock on her front door. Sam’s arrival stirs memories she thought she’d banished long ago and awakens a fiery need no other man has been able to conjure.

The phoenix tattoo on Sam Crown’s arm immortalizes the woman he loved—and lost—long ago. Alyson’s return should excite him, but instead, she awakens a guilt he’s not sure even love can overcome.

Can these star-crossed lovers finally find happiness or will a wicked matchmaker’s antics keep them apart forever?

I just finished reading Last Chance at Love. I truly enjoyed it.
I loved that sexy cupid at the start,
the gorgeous art work Sam and Alyson made,
Tina’s growing understanding,
and the depth of the emotion as the story built to resolution.
A feel good factor of 10.

Daisy Banks
A Gentleman’s Folly

Last Chance at Love 


**** Dark Sun by The Romance Studio
“This was a powerful, paranormal erotic romance of good against evil. I enjoyed that this story of right versus wrong not only introduces the readers to angels and demons but also mentions sirens, elves and sea nymphs while it weaves the threads of fate and reincarnation.”
Theresa Joseph
Full Review
Night Owl Romance, Love Hurts
“I kept reading I realized that it could very well be a true story. These people are just trying to do the right thing.” Terri Hawk
Full Review 
Happily Ever After
Lena said, “JJ Keller created a story of one woman just trying to survive in a world where not many survive without succumbing to another life.” For full review visit: Happily Ever After. 
**** Love Hurts by Romance Book Scene
“Love Hurts is a well written contemporary romance filled with real life characters, with good dialog and a cute little tyke who steals the attention of readers.”
Romance Book Review: Love Hurts 
Dark Divas 
Thursday, July 22, 2010

Undercover Housewife by JJ Keller

Genre: Erotic, Romantic Suspense

Length: 98 pages

Considering the length, I’m quite impressed with what JJ Keller did with this story. This one gives you a lot of bang-for-the-buck…no pun intended.

In addition to the suspense, Undercover Housewife is all about the romance, with the added bonus of tastefully written sex scenes. You gotta love that…and who doesn’t love a hot police detective who’s there to protect and serve? (Or is that protect and service?-oops, sorry!) lol

Rated 4 1/2 Delightful Divas by Shelly!

For the full review click here.


Romance Book Scene
Roni,Romance Book Scene,gave Undercover Housewife a rating of five hearts!

Undercover Housewife adds together a story filled with mistrust and a long time unrequited love and with a mystery case. Nikki is a woman coming to terms with her new life and finding that she really didn’t like the woman she became. The hero, Josh, is finally fulfilling the dream of getting the woman he’s wanted for over twenty years. Add to that the supporting cast of Josh’s partner Calvin and his gay antics, and this book is a fine piece of entertainment. Roni

For the Full Review:

Trade Agreement, LASR Best Book
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trade Agreement by jj keller

LASR Best Book – For a book or story that is truly exceptional. You think about it when you’re not reading it. You wonder what happens to the characters when you finish. You would absolutely buy everything else this author had to offer. The highest praise – and reserved for only a few.

Trade Agreement by jj keller
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary/Thriller/Suspense/Action
Length: Full (242 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

JJ Keller gives us an explosive thriller in Trade Agreement as she exposes us to international crime, kidnapping, high seas adventure, murder and an electrifying romance. Meet Jake and Georgina who fall into lust at first sight, can they survive the danger, the lies and the secrets and find true love in the end.

Ms Keller throws you right into the heart of her plot then keeps our attention riveted while we hold our breath to find out what happens next. *** *** Her love scenes are evocative, sensual and sizzle on the page, while her romance between our hero and heroine is sweet and sensual.

Trade Agreement rocks and rolls with action, suspense, thrills, chills and romance. It’s a gutsy read and should come with a physician’s warning. If you like to bite your nails to the quick while sitting on the edge of your seat, this read is for you and if you, like me, love your romance on the sizzle burner, well don’t wait another minute go out and get this book.

For the full review:

Loved…The Tarot Card
The Tarot Card by JJ Keller
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Heat: Sensual
Length: Short (148 pages)
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Larkspur
Holy Cow what a great read! Ms. Keller gives us a love at first sight story. Stein and Kerry make a great hero and heroine.

I loved the characters, they were well developed and enjoyable to get to know. The writing style was great and was a credit to the author telling such a well written story confined in 148 short pages.

*** I think this novel would appeal to all lovers of romance. It’s a truly enjoyable tale of boy meets and gets girl. For full review: HTTP://LONGANDSHORTREVIEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM/2009/06/TAROT-CARD-BY-JJ-KELLER.HTML

Love Romance…loves Dark Shadows
Saturday, April 18, 2009
Reviewed by Dawn
DARK SHADOWS is  one edge of the seat ride. Author JJ Keller delivers a unique bar where creatures that go bump in the night come to relax and chill out. Here you meet Teri Kepler, one of the owners of Dark Shadows. ***

Author JJ Keller writes a tight, fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat as she weaves a spell around you. With the right touch of magic, mystery and passion, she delves into a world that good and evil reside in and this author definitely delivers a story that will have you clamoring for more once the last page is read. DARK SHADOWS is a pure delight to read and I am wondering if there will be more stories centered on the Dark Shadow Bar. If you enjoy an enjoyable setting, unique characters and intriguing storyline, then grab  DARK SHADOWS and be prepared to be lost in this author’s wonderful creation.

For the full review:

Four Tombstones for Dark Shadows
Mar 14, 2009
Dark Shadows by jj Keller
Review by Virginia
Categories: Adult Content, Book Reviews, Immortals, e-books
I really enjoyed Ms. Keller’s writing style. Her plot line has lots of room to write sequels and can be drawn in many interesting directions in future books. I do not know what Ms. Keller has planned down the road for this, but I look forward to reading any sequels she may write.

For the full review:

The Tarot Card..a shelf keeper
Between the Lines, ranked The Tarot Card: Fantastic, Stays on the Shelf

Title: The Tarot Card
Author: jj Keller
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Line: Contemporary Champagne Rosebud
Review: Rating: spicy
ISBN: 9781601544377

This story is chili-hot with lots of spicy scenes so if you’re the sort of person who likes stories with heat this is for you. The book doesn’t rely only on spice for its power- there is a complex plot and a really good sort-of-twist at the end. It left me with a smile on my face and a real sense of satisfaction.
I’d say this is definitely a story I’d like to share with my friends –well worth a read. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Vasiliki Scurfield
WRDF Review

For the Full Review:

Five Mystique Moons for Dark Shadows

Momma Mia! I need a cold shower and some aspirin. There was so much passion in DARK SHADOWS that I thought my head would explode. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! In fact, I love this book so much that I nearly blew off finishing my day’s work so that I could finish it in one setting. Duty called, however, and I got to it as soon as I could. And what a finish! DARK SHADOWS has it all: Good versus Evil; Love, Lust and Secrets competing for dominance; boundless love and those velvet ties that transcend even the strangest of circumstances.** What a ride! As I said before, I LOVE this story. **

Anyway, this book is fabulous and romantic and going on my Keeper shelf. If J.J. Keller has more books in this line, feel free to push them in this direction. Fan for Life!! That’s me.

Five Mystique Moons. (Outstanding)
Class Three sensuality. (Standard Romance)

Rachel Nail, Reviewer
For the Full Review:
Tags: j.j. keller

Note to Rachel: I’m one of your fans for life as well. Dark Justice will be coming soon. Another fantastic ride for you!

4 out of 5 Stars for Dark Shadows
Manic Reviews, Stevi B said:

I love when a paranormal author can come up with new and unusual characters. *** But the strength of a determined woman is illustrated as Tori finds a way to make something good from her pain. Surely fate can find a way to reward such a special woman. Ms. Keller adds a twist to her plot that brings the story together at the end with a satisfactory solution!

I enjoyed The Hierophant: Dark Shadows, as I have other books I’ve read by Ms. Keller. Ms Keller remains a favorite author for me when I want an unusual story with a unique perspective!

For the full review go here: Dark Shadows-4 out of 5 stars-

Believe Receives an Awesome Review

jj Keller
Paranormal erotic romance
Available from Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088- 189-3
October 2007
Believe is an awesome, I mean awesome book. I was completely drawn into the characters of Mikhail and Jensen. The storyline grabs and kept me in suspense until the ending. ***jj Keller gives the audience a fast–paced entertaining read where the adrenaline rushes. This story consumes with vibrant characters, and an evil person that this reader wanted to reach through the pages and stomp.

Overall rating: Five Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Linda L.
october 20, 2008

Thank you, Linda. You made my day!

Mystique Books Recommends Melody’s Song 4.5 Moons
One of the best points MELODY’S SONG makes is that no matter your circumstances, no matter your lot in life, you needn’t loose your self-respect. More, you can rise above all challenges if you believe enough in yourself and are willing to risk all to make that change. This is a point that we should always remember and never forget. T*** I congratulate J.J. Keller for portraying this struggle so believably with Melody Haney. Very, very well done. Recommended.

Four and a half Mystique Moons. (Excellent)
Class Four sensuality. (Standard Romance)
Rachel Nail,
For the Full Review Reviewer

Paranormal Romance Reviews Melody’s Song
“Melody’s song is a touching romance”

Melody’s Song is a touching romance that explores finding love and hope after losing the most important thing in life. *** The sex scenes are deliciously sweet and passionate. There is a mention of whips, chains, etc. by a villainous character. Over all, the book is sweet and touching and will make you cry in places.

Reviewed by Amy Parker Posted June 17, 2008

For the Full Review:

Just Erotic Reviews and Believe
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Karen Haas
Five Stars
What a great book! I enjoyed this one from beginning to end and wanted more. Even those who don’t usually enjoy books with a paranormal theme will enjoy this one. Ms. Keller surmounted every preconceived notion I’ve ever had. I had no choice but to Believe. The character development is superlative. Mikhail and Jensen are utterly alive and on occasion, I almost felt they discussed the case with me personally; they were that realistic. Jensen’s partner, Jack, is a delightful addition to the team and adds a touch of humor to the mix. *** Believe is everything I love in a book. I recommend this one for everybody.

Karen Haas

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
For the Full Review: 

5 Flowers for Believe from Pam at My Book Cravings
My Book Cravings where you can relax with a good book Banners of Romance

Believe by J.J. Keller

ISBN: 978-1-60088-189-3

Paranormal Suspense

Cobblestone Press Ebook

This gem of a romance grabbed my undivided attention from the very first paragraph and didn’t let go until I’d raced to the final page. This fast paced and well plotted story is filled with all the things that make a book great…suspense, danger, deceit, bigotry and intense sizzling attraction that blooms into deep and abiding love. ** One of the best and most unexpected gems in this book is diabolical child predator… ** The scary thing about this premise is …** After all, checks and balances of power are only as good as the men and woman who follow them.

This is the first book by Ms. Keller that I’ve had the opportunity to read, and it certainly won’t be the last. This reader eagerly waits for the next installment, The Watcher, by this inventive and talented writer. For the full review:http: ·

Five Fallen Angels for BELIEVE
What a wonderful suspenseful story! Believe by J. J. Keller just may make a believer out of all of us. From the beginning of the story right up to the end, the reader is kept sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. Even if you think psychics are a bunch of frauds, you will find yourself not only believing in Mikhail but rooting for her to convince Jensen and quickly. It is amazing how evil the human mind can be when there is greed and science involved and that is what the bad guy in this story portrays and who knows maybe there is a little truth in this evil plot?

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.
For the full review:

The Watcher and The Romance Studio’s excellent rating
The Romance Studio 

This is a well-written story of lost love and true soul mates. I was drawn in by the love between Emily and her mysterious voice, Netzach. But their struggle to overcome evil in their quest to be together forever is what kept me anxiously turning the pages. I was lost in this story from the first chapter and will definitely ad it to my list to read again. Anyone who loves a wonderful love story and the battle of good versus evil will love this one.

Overall rating:5 hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Sandra
September 4, 2007

Go to The Romance Studio for a full review.

Five Flags, The Watcher
<align=left>If you enjoy suspenseful, well-written stories that delve into dreams and thoughts of the supernatural–of angels, tarot cards, crystal balls, fortune tellers, and of forces of good fighting forces of evil, then you should thoroughly enjoy this fantastic read, The Watcher! Great job, jj Keller.


Reviewer: Karen

For a full review: 

Night Owl Romance Reviews
Can your heart race in anticipation at the sound of a male spirit’s voice? This reviewer thought so, especially when reading the heart felt story of Emily and Netzach. How wonderfully refreshing to have an author remind us that love is eternal and also that through love anything is possible. This story contained a potpourri of magical elements guaranteed to satisfy every palette. A job well done by Ms. Keller and I truly hope that her future releases are as captivating as The Watcher.

Score: 4 / 5

Reviewer: Marta of Night Owl Romance Reviews

Online at:

Two Lips loves The Watcher
JJ Keller creates a story that grabs you at the first page. The author entangles you in her wonderful story and just as you start to cry at the injustice done to Emily, she puts a smile on your face. The Watcher is not much on white hot sex, but you get a vivid tour of Scotland and a great plot instead, and I have never enjoyed a story more. The Watcher is one of those books that you just want to read again and I heartily recommend it!
Reviewer: Alisha

Rating: 4. 5 Lips

For the full review:Two Lips

Romance Junkies Reviews
j.j. Keller gives romance a mystical twist in THE WATCHER. I found it an interesting tale. I especially enjoyed the character Mikhail, the gypsy fortune teller. She really was a wonderful catalyst for the story. If you like spicy paranormal suspense this is a good one to read.

Reviewer: Lisa

Rating: Four Blue Ribbons For a full review:

Mystique Books
I really liked this book. I enjoyed the evolution Emily went through as she searched for the truth about her past life with Zach. Keller handled the transition beautifully. I was rooting for Emily and Zach and was glad they where able to find their happily-ever-after.

Sarah GentiliReviewer
Four Moons–Excellent Work
Mystique Books For the full review:

Romantic, but Relationship Avoider, Ericka Gilmore

Mystic Love: characterization of Ericka.

Ericka Gilmore ached for a special love. Hidden deep down, for a brief insane moment, she dreamed of a husband, children, and pets. A perfect family. She came to her senses and shook off the unlikeliness. Love she could do, but engagement leading toward commitment…no. Forever wasn’t in her genetic code.

Men came in all shapes, sizes and personalities (some strange), and she always gravitated toward the wrong guy. None of her lovers progressed past the eventual clash of vow or not to vow. After a short fling with a ghost, who-like other males before left without a word, she found a loophole.

Cast a spell and bring forth a supernatural lover. She’d have constant romance without the messy entanglements of a relationship. In addition, the women of her family were cursed.

She convinces her BFF, Jacey, to chant a pricey abracadabra incantation. The result was a window slamming shut and lights flickering—possibly due to an approaching storm.

Jacey tried to dissuade her from continuing down witchy lane; but she had too much to lose.

The expression on her friend’s face …to repeat a cliché, ‘said it all’. She’d go on a date with one of her friends. Date arranged, Jacey left.

Ericka prepares for her only case.

As a new attorney in the area, her client list was dismal to the point her deflated bank account meant she had to win the case or sell her house. She loved Ames Mansion, with its soft southern charm and rambling acres. It was home and the first she’d ever owned. She needed the sense of posterity.

She had to win.

Too bad the guy was guilty. A high profile case would give her press, but not if she lost. What about morality? As an attorney she promised to defend. She didn’t like the guy. What if he proved to be responsible for the wrongdoing? What a mess.

A storm blew through by the name Joe Reeves. This handsome, motorcycle-riding nomad appeared on her doorstep and changed her entire world.



Joe Reeves: Deathwatch Cop

I’ve a new book, Mystic Love, with a release date of 10.26.16, and I can’t wait to introduce you to the characters. I  hope you grow to love them as much as I do.

This week I’ll be presenting Joe Reeves,a detective from Louisiana. He has a stellar work history and would be fighting crime today if it weren’t for a car accident.

Joe has one sister who is married to a psychology professor at a university in Pennsylvania. He has two nephews and a newborn niece, but do to his problem he hasn’t met the little tyke.

Joe Reeves: Deathwatch Cop

Flashing lights and the siren’s roar of a high-performance car during a chase had been an exciting part of law enforcement. The odor of burning rubber, fumes from the tailpipe of the criminal’s car and the thrill of putting him in jail was typically something Joe loved, but not on that day.

Adam, his partner, had insisted he drive. For the first time Joe sat in the passenger seat, gun primed and ready.

On reflection he regretted the mistake of allowing Adam to navigate the race. Broadsided by a failure-to-yield, his friend was instantly killed and Joe went comatose. The coma lasted for a month and left him with consequences.

Yeah, riding in a confined space gave him claustrophobia… and he dreamed of death.

Resolving the neurosis was simple–he purchased a motorcycle and stayed away from tight spaces.

The dreams were more difficult to manage.

At first he ignored the nighttime visions, believing them aftereffects of his coma. Then he had a prophecy of a kid being killed by a drive-by. He managed to locate the crime scene. His timing…he was to late.

The realization he could have saved him—if he would’ve taken responsibility for his mind’s trickery.

Something happened inside him. After the nervous stomach and subsequent puking, he experienced an empyrean light.

He paid attention to the visions, details and especially timing, and acted sooner.

The spark, fresh determination to succeed and to save victims, lasted six months. One of two results occurred each time he attempted to change the outcome of a vision: the bystanders labeled him a champion or they challenged him, claiming the circumstances made his activities suspicious. Either way he lost because people turned away.

His hero mindset dissipated when he concluded he couldn’t…it wasn’t humanly possible to keep the target from certain death.

He became a wanderer, trying to avoid remaining in one place for any length of time. His visions seemed to occur when he got close to a person. Emotional involvement set off a prophecy.

Running didn’t help, the predictions continued.

He had to make them stop.

Attempts were made to eradicate the foresight through religious avenues to no avail. No matter how bizarre or odd the gimmick he’d try. He would not allow another child to die.

The prophecies had to end.

Cyan, Indiana and a Native American healer became his aim.



Next week I’ll introduce Ericka Gilmore…she’s a jewel. I hope you’ll visit and make her your book  friend .










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