Jewel Heist

Before the actual conception, Mary Keefe’s chosen baby daddy robbed her grandfather’s jewelry store stealing a million dollars in diamonds. To save her family’s legacy , she must bear a child. With time running out, her only recourse is to take a previously scheduled cruise and find a suitable sperm donor.
For investigator, John Kajiyama, the mounting evidence against Mary Keefe is insurmountable. Yet, how could the beautiful woman falling into his bed be the jewel thief? In search of the truth, he embarks on an escapade that could unknowingly lead him to fatherhood.

EXCERPT: The bag of uncut diamonds fell from the safe and poured into Mary Keefe’s palm. She gaped in wonder. A million dollars’ worth of Canada’s finest, freshly mined from Whip Lake near Yellowknife. Slivers of ice appeared in the sharp edges, indicating what lay beneath the cool surface. She ran her finger and thumb over one of the chalky exteriors, anticipating what brilliant masterpiece she could create, devising a cut plan while envisioning a beautiful engagement ring.
“Mary, I’m taking off,” Lisa said from the doorway leading into the sales room. “Dental appointment, remember?” Mary sat at her desk and glanced at her part-time sales associate. Lisa’s bejeweled hand perched on her slender hip, and in the bright lights of the cutting room, all of her sparklers came out to play. Mary had fashioned at least two of the baubles. Unable to resist, she tore her attention away from her co-worker and focused on the rough natural diamonds. “Oh. Okay, Lisa, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to put the closed sign on the door and lock it?” Her tone held resignation. A silvery blond eyebrow lifted. “Andre wouldn’t mind having a bit of freedom from guard duty.”
Mary laughed, fingering the soon-to-be resplendent stones. She must return them to their velvet nest. “You knew I’d be fascinated with the goods.”
Lisa chuckled and glanced at her watch. “Sorry, it’s too late to cancel the appointment.”
“No, don’t worry. I’ll put these away and sketch designs between waiting on customers in the lobby.”
“You’re sure?”
Mary nodded to the door. “Yes. Please, go.”
Lisa took a step. “Good night. I’ll see you after you return from your trip.” She strode to the exit, her wide handbag flapping against her narrow side.
Mary sorted through nature’s mysterious stones one more time. At the click of the door, she stashed the rocks inside their dark blue bag.
The shuffle of feet drew her attention from the sack’s drawstring. Lisa must have forgotten something. Instead of her assistant, a tall thin man completely covered in black from his ski mask to leather shoes, swayed inside the room. Her heart beating as fast as the second hands on the clock collection at the south side of the jewelry store, Mary moved around the desk, intending to stuff the pouch into the safe and slam the door. “Who are you?”
The intruder didn’t deter her. However, the metal safe seemed farther away than it had appeared a moment ago. She crept forward, keeping the dark opening in sight. “My assistant will be back in a second.”
An arm came out of nowhere and wrapped under her breasts, preventing her upper body from moving. Despite her breaths expelling fast and in short bursts, she hurled the stones and threw her head back, connecting with the chin of her attacker.
“Shit!” a man snapped. A familiar voice. Please, it couldn’t be him.
The bag hit the rim of the safe with a thunk. As with all things earthly, the jewels fell.
She screamed loud enough surely her grandfather, in his office two stories up, would hear the vocal alarm. Where was Andre? God, she hoped he was okay. One huge hand completely covered her mouth and the other twisted her arm. Deep breaths brought scents, a mixture of plant fertilizer and pungent Axe cologne into her nostrils. Beneath the soft wool, she bit her lips, trying to keep them from trembling. “Go!” he shouted, releasing her mouth. He reached for the dark blue bag of a million dollars’ worth of jewels resting on the cream and gray tiled floor. His partner shuffled out into the lobby, and soon breaking glass rippled through the silence. Smoke billowed into the office. Damn, her new glass display cases, destroyed. Surely her grandfather heard the explosion and would come running.
Her teeth clung to her attacker’s wrist as he bent, until his hand flipped and covered her nose and mouth, forcing her to relax. He stood straight, easing the tension of the hold. Velvet rubbed against her stomach where the blouse had come free from her slacks. They had made love once, on this very floor. An image of him placing a few minor gemstones on her belly and moving them around with his tongue flooded her mind. She resented the intrusion of a romantic tryst now that Conrad Peabody’s true character had been exposed.
His gloved fingers continued to press against her mouth, jamming her teeth into the soft tissue. She finally got relief from the force when he moved his hand and used his teeth to pull off the glove. He stuffed the leather into his pocket, then transferred the bag of gems to his unencumbered hand. His breathing increased, pushing his chest against her back, as his fingers worked open the yellow binding of the casing.
Mary drew a sharp breath. There it was–the mole shaped like molar tooth–at the apex of his right thumb and index finger, confirming the identity of her attacker and thief—a dishonest, unfaithful, and untrustworthy lover. Conrad’s sigh was followed by a sickly sweet scent, which tossed her into darkness.
JEWEL HEIST (Manic Readers Review 4.5 Stars)




Dark Sun

He’s almost an angel and she’s pure temptation.

Chapter One

Niall leaned against the cement statue of one of the founding fathers of State University and observed the newest Guardian Squad recruit, Mark Kepler. Mark prepared to send Charles Janes to Hell.

Three centuries had passed, and in all that time, Niall had met few humans who deserved to go to the first level of Hell as much as this one. Janes worked in higher education, influencing students with his wicked ways, intimidating his staff to the point that two out of three were on a depression drug. Niall didn’t drill into the professor’s mind to find out what methods Janes used to mistreat his wife and children. Although Mark had searched Charles’ past.

Janes was a tall, white-haired, gray-skinned perp. As he leaned against the brown wall of the university’s library, his frayed gray and black hound’s-tooth jacket and dark gray trousers didn’t stand out in the night. He’d chosen an excellent location, behind the statue, with limited lighting.

Scratch…hiss…scratch…hiss added a sick melody as his rough hands scraped the brick. Scratch, up slid his hands. Hiss, down slid his hands. And, in cadence, Janes pumped his cock in and out of the lovely co-ed. The scent of salty musk from pre-ejaculation caught in the midnight breeze, filtering into Niall’s nose, making him want to gag.
Groans and moans came from beneath the instructor of misdeeds. He had the young woman locked between his diseased penis and the hard concrete of the wall. Janes stopped pumping and peeked behind him. Even in the presence of a higher being, Janes’ cocky attitude continued.
Mark glanced into the man’s left eye, the only one visible from their viewpoint. “Charles Janes, this will be the last time you’ll exchange sex for grades and psychologically abuse the only people who by God’s grace care for you.”
Janes continued to bump and grind.

Niall wanted to laugh at Janes’ audacity. Didn’t he realize he was eyeballing a messenger from the highest deity?

“Miss Zico Newman, grab your book bag and leave.” Mark nodded.

Miss Newman shoved the pimping professor, pulled her jean mini-skirt down and wiped her mouth. She jerked her canvas sack onto her shoulder and softly padded along the cement path toward the parking lot.

A zipper’s grinding teeth disturbed the silence. Janes fastened his trousers and turned to face them. His lips twisted into a smirk. Mark flung out a pointed finger.
“Evil seeps through your pours. But no more. He who bewitches, the malevolent, and the evil eye. The sorcery of evil conjure it. Spirit of Heaven, conjure it. Bite the fire, bite the fire. ‘Tis between the Father of thee, the Son with me, and the Holy Spirit. So mote it be.” Mark’s vow came with a snap of lightning.

There wasn’t a chance of pleading or repentance. Charles Janes’ red soul went deep into the blazing pits of Hell and nothing but the pungent scent of sulfur and a few flakes of ash remained, blowing in the fall Arkansas breeze.
“You changed the incantation a little.” Niall unfolded his arms and shoved away from the long coat of the cement statue.

“Hope that’s okay. Henri never said anything, and I think Holy Spirit is more age specific than holy ghost.” Mark wiped his face where ashes had splattered on him and mumbled, “I know, keep up wind.”

Niall shrugged. “It works for me, evil twice, bite, fire and now spirit, kind of balances it out.”

He wasn’t surprised Mark had a strong streak of independence. According to his mentor, Henri Chambers, Mark had been able to delve into his psyche. Mark’s intuitiveness was the main reason he had been selected for the Guardian Squad. However, prying into the mind of one of God’s troops was unheard of—until Mark Kepler accepted the position of scythe-wielding grim reaper.

All American in appearance and only thirty years old, Mark was an infant. He made the correct decision to send Janes to Hell, and he got the transmission correct, but he wavered. A Guardian had to judge and charge justice in a moment’s time. If Mark had been prepared and had considered the facts using his mind instead of his heart, there wouldn’t have been a delay.

Niall shook off a smidgen of ash. “You hesitated for a second, which bothers me. When you created your Roll Call list, and you printed each name, did you delve into the mind of the person determining their true character?”
“Yes, of course. How else would I know their spirit?”
“Mark, sometimes their evil natures make me wonder how humans co-exist. The preliminary character analysis should be sanctified later as you approach the person, and at that time, their true character would be determined. If a change has occurred in their nefarious activities from the time you wrote his or her name to incineration, you need to discuss—”

“The process of retribution. If the individual had a desire to wash away his or her sins, I’d give him or her a moment to think about which way they want to go, Heaven’s Weigh Station or Hell.”

“Right. The key is in preparation. You need to look deep into each soul and it’s difficult with some. Older people are easier to make a judgment with, but evil is taking over earth, and the dark sides are being exposed at a younger age. Ten-year-olds are killing their parents or a neighborhood kid who disagrees with them. The world is changing and I’m afraid our job will become more complex, which means you cannot hesitate.”

“I understand. Prepare, no hesitation, and stay down wind,” Mark said with a straight face.

Was he being funny or serious? Niall couldn’t read the guy. More amazing was that Mark could block his thoughts as if he’d been a member of the Guardian Squad for centuries instead of a couple of years.

“The final phase of your certification is to approach family members and friends for recognition. We’ll visit the bar you and your sister, Tori, owned and operated and then stop over with Tori and Henri. Hopefully, all of their memories of you will have been erased. She won’t remember she had a brother. None of your friends will recognize you. Are you ready?” Niall disliked this part of the testing for a new recruit. The most difficult aspect of becoming a member of the Guardian Squad was leaving your loved ones behind. Critical to the success of a Guardian was being able to abandon people he cared about and not seek them, or any of his descendants, in the future. Heartbreaking was how he’d describe the ceremonial visit. Many times the chat with loved ones made a grown, logical man weep, as all humans seek acknowledgment.

Niall thanked his mum and da for not having genes of an empath. To observe the separation of Guardian from his family was difficult enough without feeling the emotions of loss, betrayal, and anger. Having the abilities of an empath would just about kill him—if he were alive.
“You mean I’m to see and talk to Tori?” Mark asked, hope igniting his blue eyes.

“Yes, you’ll see and talk with her. Next we’ll go to Dark Shadows. Two years have passed, and it may seem like only two days in our time, but it’s a long time in the human experience. Changes have occurred. If Echo was successful in wiping your friends and acquaintances’ memories, they will not recognize you. It is important to understand, if you hadn’t chosen to become this elite member of Heaven’s core, they would know you. They would express their love for you. Do not lose your faith because someone you hold dear sees you as a stranger and turns away.” The entire time Niall was eulogizing this key element of becoming a member of the Squad he thought of his family he’d left in Ireland in 1849. They had been poor, dirt poor. He became a Guardian in order to help them. He missed his kin more, instead of less, through the years. No doubt others felt the same way, and he hoped to prepare Mark for the reality of not existing to people he’d known his entire life.

“Henri made the point very clear. I get it.” Mark swiped evil dust off his shirt. “How long will it take?”

“Forever. You never stop thinking about the ones you love, even if they’ve forgotten you.” Niall failed to prevent his voice from seeping with sadness. He shook his head. Why did he feel so melancholy? Kepler wasn’t his first fledgling. “Your recruiter, Henri, experienced a rare occurrence. One doesn’t become a member of the Guardian Squad, then return to human life. Despite how much time has passed.”

“Why was Henri allowed to return to Earth, in human form, and age alongside my sister?” Mark crossed his arms at his chest. Standing at six foot, he was taller than Niall. But in his business, size wasn’t relevant. Niall might not have the height, but he could kick ass if needed.

“Exceptional as a swordsman and knighted by the King of France himself, Henri had gained the favor of the ancients. Despite the lack of blood flowing through the council members’ bodies, their souls continue to have hope, and they dream the dreams of mortals.” There it was. Although he displayed no outward body language, Mark blocked a piece of his thoughts, a spark of something that urged Niall to search the recruit’s mind. He was hiding an element of himself that might affect his abilities to perform as a true Guardian. “So, Henri was granted life. He retains his memories of his years of being a Guardian. The occurrence happened on a whim of the esoteric council, and they will more than likely never grant life to an immortal again.”

Mark finger combed his bright blond hair. “Could we do the bar first? I might need to recover once I see Tori, and she doesn’t remember me.”

“Yes, of course. Midnight here in Arkansas, one in the morning at Dark Shadows.” Niall held out his hand. “Lead the way.”

They teleported to Cyan, Indiana. Mere seconds had passed. Niall enjoyed the rush of his molecules shifting from place to place. He never felt the heat others complained about, just a melody of dynamic lights and pleasant tingles. Mark, on the other hand, arrived a little unsteady. His face was pale, marked by the blush of red staining his cheeks.

“Accelerated pulse, heightened awareness?”

“You’d think after two years I’d be used to the reconfiguring.” Mark rubbed his thighs.

“Usually the heat and fatigue enters the fragile part of your foundation. Your thighs must be the weakest area of your body.” Niall rubbed his chin. “When we get back to the office, I’m going to add a regimen of calisthenics to your training.”

“Do you mean weightlifting or running?” Mark lifted an eyebrow and then swiped a lock of hair from his forehead.
Niall thought he was in tune with the current language, but apparently not. “Yeah, that’s what I mean. You’ll have time since your powers are stronger than most. You won’t need to go through the additional training to learn how to project items into space or discuss issues with spirits.”

Mark inhaled. “Both then. Smell that? Yeast, fried foods, the sweat of a hard-working man. Dark Shadows hadn’t changed. I’ll re-experience all the things I loved about the bar.”

“I’m hoping they’ll have a dark, thick beer,” Niall replied and held open the heavy, rounded oak door. “Your tavern looks a little medieval in nature. Your interests and tastes always seem to lean toward antiquity. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were blood kin to Henri.”

“Yes, Henri and I are alike in many ways. Let’s get a sandwich. Brandi makes the best grilled burgers in the state.” Mark rushed into the bar.

Niall entered the tavern. He adjusted to the humidity, the scents of fried onions, spilled liquor, and the beautiful sight of attractive women wearing short skirts. The servers wore tight black shirts with Dark Shadows embossed in silver calligraphy. Americans were his favorite of all the humans. They knew how to live life to the fullest, no holds barred. Niall jingled the coins in his pockets and grinned. This would be fun.

Mark found a vacant stool and rested an elbow on the brass railing. He chatted with a thin older woman with white hair piled high on her head. She gave him that hospitable customer greeting smile and moved to the tap to fill a mug with draft beer.

Niall sidestepped a robust man. By the odor coming from his breath, he’d consumed a vast amount of alcohol. The inebriated boob stumbled, slamming into people and chairs.
“Tom, you need to wait on the cab I’ve ordered. You are not, I repeat not, to drive.” A tiny black-haired beauty slipped behind Tom.

“Ah, Brandi love, dump that fireman and come live with me.” He ended the platitude with a belch.

“Boxer, come escort Tom to the curb and wait for his ride.” Brandi dragged the waddling man forward a few steps.
A balding Goliath took hold of the drunk’s arm and, nearly lifting him, rushed him to the exit.

Niall didn’t need to see the woman’s face to recognize her soul.

She pivoted, coming toe-to-toe with Niall and threw out a tiny pale hand. “Hi, I’m Brandi Sedgewick…the owner of Dark Shadows. May I get you something to drink?”

Niall took a deep breath. His heart hurt. His lungs must have collapsed because he could not release the air. Shake her hand, nimrod. With trembling fingers, he tugged his hands from his pants pocket. Coins splattered on the floor.
She gave a brief laugh and dropped to the floor. Niall joined her, picking up bits of copper and brass.

“Here you go.” Brandi handed him a few pieces of silver. Her touch sent quivers through him. She must have been equally affected, as her fingers shook. Time had passed, so much in fact, he wasn’t sure he’d recognize her if he chanced upon her. But he had. The woman in front of him causing his disabled heart to thump was his true soul mate, his wife.

Brandi clutched her hands together, and Niall evaluated the coins in his palm.

“I have one coin missing.” Niall had to find the worn gold piece. She looked at him as if he were a member of the lowest class. “It has sentimental value. Passed down through generations of Howards. The queen’s head is barely visible, but …”

“The coin is like a security blanket.”

Bam! She crushed him in one devastating blow, reducing him to an infant and depleting his manhood. Two things rushed through his mind: Echo was an exceptional eraser since Brandi didn’t recognize him after numerous reincarnations and his bride was still beautiful in form and essence.

Dark Sun Book Trailer

October 1, 2010

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Shadow of the Hawk

Shadow of the Hawk
Shadow of the Hawk
Cover Art: Louisa Gallie

“Simple educator” doesn’t begin to describe Kristina, not when she has the ability to read minds and shove someone’s molecules into another dimension. The kidnapping of her little brother by the Dark Angel adds another complication to her life, which is already messed by desiring Grant Carmichael.

Grant uses shifting and clairsentience searching for a means to an end, until he touches Kristina Palmer. A jolt of normal excited him and for the first time, in a century, he’d have to navigate a relationship the old-fashioned way. But will the sweet paranormalist allow him, a shifter, to seduce her?

Cold drops of liquid splashed against her cheek. She’d lost consciousness. How could she have let that happen?
Chills ran over her skin, creating a brief clamminess. Kristina couldn’t allow deep sleep for lengthy periods. Vigilance was required or she would become vulnerable to outside forces. Evil lurked and waited, for that fraction of time when her defenses were lax, to take advantage. Mentally she checked her safeguards, on the window ledges and thresholds. Outdoor lights activated, chimney flue, made from an iron bound by special spices, locked into place, and the local security agency’s system blinked green. Although the emerald lights were soothing, she tried to power off her brain. What had she forgotten? The smoky odor of the fire and her warm, tea-filled belly had weakened all of her shields, allowing her to segue to the other realms and open pathways to slumber. Yet, cold drops of water slid along her cheek.
The cold liquid slipped down her neck. Focused on her surroundings, she drew a deep breath, trying to get a scent and determine if a foreign entity risked entering her living room. No unusual sounds, just the quick blustery winds whipping leafless birch branches against the massive wall of windows. The repetitious click and snick of freezing rain provided a musical torrent, as a rough-callused finger stroked the side of her face. Her muscles tensed, tightening in preparation to fight whatever monster dared enter her home.
She met an amber stare straight on. A shiver of fear ran through her at the sight of a well-formed man. Over six feet tall, he had a sleek, golden cap of wet hair stuck to his perfectly shaped head. Naked, his sculpted muscles gleamed in the dim light provided by the combustion of red, blue, and white flames snapping on the wrought-iron grate housed inside the stone fireplace. She couldn’t tap into his thoughts. Well, this was different. She could fry him on the spot with a single bolt of lightning from her fingertip, though that weapon wasn’t her most potent. As a youngster she’d sent a playmate into another dimension. His molecules separated like falling confetti and disappeared in a violent flow of energy. Granted her mother found the missing boy and retuned him to his parents. A heart-wrenching experience, but it gave her a sense of power. She could create a force to send this handsome stranger somewhere into the galaxy.
Water had formed perfect circles, and clusters ran rippling along his powerful physique, leading her gaze from his shoulders to a tapered waist. Her lower region tingled with pleasant jolts of carnal need. From his relaxed, almost sappy expression she assumed he intended no harm, but still, a naked stranger in her living room did unnerve her. His penis rose. She lowered her glance. Pools of water collected near his large feet, soaking onto her burgundy Persian rug. Fight the attraction!
She jerked upright. Chilled, due to his touch leaving her or a result of the open French doors, she glanced at the human-designed security system. The jade lights continued to flash. Keep calm. She snatched her cell from beside the laptop and tapped the face. “Who are you? How did you get past—”
“Your time has arrived. You need to be strong,” he responded without answering her query.
She jumped to a stand and unsteadily held out the phone, keeping the face away from him. No bars, no signals, no help from that quarter. “I’ve notified the police.” “You are the one I seek, the one chosen. Prepare.” He leaned. His elongated nose bumped into hers, and he exhaled licorice-scented breath. Warm, firm lips touched hers. His arrogance and features reminded her of her gypsy relatives, but his kiss—straight from her dreams. Despite wanting another kiss, she drew the chair in front of her like a shield. He took a step away and smiled a cocky grin. “What do you mean you’ve been seeking me? Why?” The words would have been more authoritative if she could have focused on anything but his southern region. The pungent tang of red vine titillated her mouth. She licked her lips, wanting to taste him again. An unclothed, beautiful man, who favored a sweet, told her she’d been selected to…what? Her mind stuttered to a stop. The warmth of the flames didn’t heat her numb body as she drew random conclusions of what to do next.
He didn’t appear to be threatening. Could he simply be seeking help from a modern day crystal ball, rune-stone-carrying fortune teller? His eyes glittered as if he’d read her thoughts. He was beautiful, exactly what she’d look for in a mate, if she was searching for one. His amber gaze softened. Her stomach rioted with desires she’d squelched years before. Who or what was he? More importantly, why did her heart beat staccato at his nearness?
His well-muscled legs took him closer to the patio doors. Instead of walking out, he pivoted. “We need to save the world.”

All rights reserved by jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.

Melody’s Song


Melody’s Song
Melody Haney has an angelic singing voice, but denies the gift after her son dies. Out of obligation, when she is asked to sing to hospitalized children she agrees. Accused of stealing drugs, from the oncology unit, she pushes away the one man who would stand by her.
Dr. Devon Siegal, pediatric oncologist, doesn’t believe in coincidences. Even when faced with evidence that could damn her, he continues to believe in Melody’s innocence. He has faith she will tell him everything and love will prevail. 


Melody threw open the door and glanced around outside. Her car, parked under the light, looked alone, empty, and abandoned. He hadn’t come; it was over. Would he forgive her if she found him and declared all of the truth? Why did she care? She inhaled the scent from the recent rain.

She did, because she had fallen in love with him. Who did he think he was, making her care if he came to see her home? She marched over to her car. Why had he made her expect him to be there, to lean on, to talk to, and to share her concerns?

She didn’t need him. Shaking her head, she admitted the truth. She enjoyed his company. He was smart, sweet, and he had cared about her. He wanted to spend time with her. Carrying around anger for the past two years had made her a spiteful shrew.

Yes, she did need him to make her whole again. She shoved the key into the lock of her car door and jerked it open. A dark shadow encompassed her. Her heart beat as fast as the remnants of rain dripped off the streetlamp, a quick drip. She tugged the key from the lock and turned to face the evil in the black night.

“Devon,” she whispered. She didn’t know if she recognized him from instinct, or because she loved him, or due to his cologne.

“Yes,” he walked out of the shadows. She threw herself into his arms.

“I’ve seen Phantom a couple of times, and I swear I don’t remember that song. What is the name of it?”

“Luca, the music director, altered the base of a couple of Verdi songs and created his own lyrics. They added it the program as Canzone da Infelicità or Misery Song.” She crushed the wipe in the palm of her hand and met his gaze. “So you like it?”

Devon kissed her. Not with the tentative searching type of kiss she envisioned while she’d been on stage, but a deep, full, head-on kiss. He gave her a lip-lock which sent her mind to spinning and her knees to lose all ability to hold her upright. His arm remained around her waist, thankfully, or she would have fallen to the ground like a 1950’s actress.

“Is your house nearby?”

This book is the third in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk. 


Jensen ran his hands over the surface of the credenza. She envied the authentic Kingwood, she wanted him to run his fingers over her as he did the exotic floral-designed inlay. Would he realize she was authentic also?

One amazingly detailed bronze statue of Pan and a crystal ball held court on the marble tabletop. Jensen lifted the statue and examined all ten inches of it.

“Pan, half-man, half-goat, is a symbol for male virility and sexuality. While seated on the boulder, he’s holding a musical instrument, a syrinx. His eyes are focused on the nymph at the other end.” She lifted her gaze to meet his, connected, and then half lowered her lids. “The nymph is Echo, a great singer and dancer who scorned the love of any man. Her long flowing hair encases her shoulders. Her mouth’s open in song. As you can see, one of her delicate, muscular legs is raised above her head. A seductive look is in her eyes.”

Jensen had a similar pained expression on his face to Pan’s as he lowered the statue. Her heart beat with a fast cadence to match Aphrodite’s tail thumping against the floor. The crystal ball glowed, while it absorbed the first revitalizing light of the day. His fingers ran over the surface of the clear glass orb.

“You’re slyly courting the unknown. Do you want to see what is hidden in the depths of the oracle?”

All Rights Reserved.

This book is the second in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk.

Dark Shadows


In Cyan, Indiana, Dark Shadows is a pub filled with unique characters. The bar is a draw for the unusual, the wicked, and a place where even a Guardian defining justice can’t depart.

Henri Chambers is tired of immortality. A Guardian squad member of heaven and hell, he is on a new mission…to find a recruit for the team and hopefully his replacement. He finds his quarry in a pub called Dark Shadows. Unfortunately, the target is the brother of the first woman to ignite a fire inside Henri in centuries.

Tori Kepler, half owner of Dark Shadows bar and grill has been diligent in her efforts to subdue her fire starting abilities. That is, until she meets Henri Chambers, then uncontrollable sparks fly. When her brother sees the ghost of their mother and a prophecy is given via two tarot cards, The Hierophant and Seven of Swords, he decides to sell the pub. The decision about what path to take in her life is taken out of her hands and Henri’s.

Will the two lovers find heaven on Earth in each other’s arms or will their paths take divergent courses?

This is what Rachel Nial had to say: There was so much passion in DARK SHADOWS that I thought my head would explode. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! And what a finish! DARK SHADOWS has it all: Good versus Evil; Love, Lust and Secrets competing for dominance; boundless love and those velvet ties that transcend even the strangest of circumstances.

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Suspense Books

TradeAgreement_w278_120 Falling in love with the next door neighbor—impulsive.
Kidnapped by her ex-husband—startling.
Traded for contraband on the high seas—unbelievable.
Photo-journalist, Georgina Barrister, realizes she has little time left in this world when her ex-husband hands her over as partial payment for a shipment of illegal imports. Apparently being the perfect wife, the perfect hostess, and the perfect lover hadn’t been enough for him. What did he expect of her now, to be the perfect token? As a captive on a freighter, how will she escape?
Special Agent Jake Callahan believes love at first sight is impossible, until he meets Georgina Barrister Kaplan. However, his assignment on a high-seas trafficking case must overrule his feelings when Georgina becomes the prime suspect.

In search for the truth will they lose their one chance at happiness?

Trade Agreement

TheTarotCard_w1816_680 A stalled elevator.
A sexy gypsy.
A straight-laced CEO.
Fate has a sense of humor.
Kerry McClure must secure her future as head of her father’s corporation. She simply needs to sign a contract with Rune Technologies to ward off a hostile takeover. When Kerry’s mistaken for a gypsy fortuneteller, she plays along, but could one night of fun jeopardize her CEO confirmation?
Stein Laxdale needs the business deal with McClure Ventures or he’ll lose control of Rune Technologies. He must decide if Kerry is his biggest threat or his greatest hope for a happily ever after.

The Tarot Card

Love Hurts
Love Hurts133x200 Can you ever really trust in love?
Falling in love with her fiancé’s best friend is wrong—right? Not in Shania Miller’s case it isn’t. The man she vowed to marry has a second fiancée and failed to remember her after returning from Iraq. Now, unable to trust in love, she answers lonely hearts calls, saving up enough money to attend a university three hours away from the only home she’s known.
Broken hearted, Shania and her son move to Briarwood, Indiana. Struggling financially, she wonders if she’ll ever have a complete family – one with a mommy and a daddy for her son – will become a reality?

Mark Hardwick stood silently by as his friend broke Shania Miller’s heart. His faith allows him to help Shania, especially after she’s abandoned by her fiancé and family. Why then, did he hesitate when she announced her broken engagement and love for him on his wedding day?

Content warning, explicit sex scenes and violence.

Love Hurts

Jewel Heist
captivating-books-pinterest-images Before the actual conception, Mary Keefe’s chosen baby daddy robbed her grandfather’s jewelry store stealing a million dollars in diamonds. To save her family’s legacy , she must bear a child. With time running out, her only recourse is to take a previously scheduled cruise and find a suitable sperm donor. For investigator, John Kajiyama, the mounting evidence against Mary Keefe is insurmountable. Yet, how could the beautiful woman falling into his bed be the jewel thief? In search of the truth, he embarks on an escapade that could unknowingly lead him to fatherhood. 

Jewel Heist

The Watcher

The Watcher




“His name is Netzach. He’s your watcher.” She focused on the cards.

“His name is Netzach.” The name alone sent warm tingles throughout Emily’s body. She slid the name around on her tongue, caressed it and softly enunciated the heavenly name aloud again. “Netzach.”

She squint her eyes and pierced Mikhail with a fierce look. “What is a watcher?”

“Return on Monday if you want answers.” Mikhail dismissed her and walked toward a door.

Emily assumed the door led to the back of the house.

“Wait, who is Ariel?”

“You’re Ariel.”

“What does that mean?” Emily’s original goal was to find out about the voice. Now she had another set of questions. “Return on Monday for answers.” Mikhail firmly closed the door.

Emily ground her teeth. With a sigh she returned to the lobby and found Melody asleep on the sofa. She must have overdosed on the sugar today, because the sofa did not look comfortable. Even with the weight of Melody’s round body, no indentations appeared on the cushions.

“Melody!” Emily shook her.


Emily went to the door, opened and closed it. The bells jangled loudly and echoed in the room. She repeated it two more times, until finally Melody came out of her stupor. The cat took off at a run to follow the fortune teller’s path.

“You’re giving me a headache.” Melody puckered her brow into a frown and then rose from the sofa. She gathered their bags and trinkets.

“Let’s go. I may have broken the fortune-teller.”

The Watcher


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This is the first book in a series. The final chapter will be coming soon. Mikhail’s NEW chemically created superpowers are passed onto her children. A shifter assists them in saving innocents and the enemy is brought to justice. Look for it…Shadow of the Hawk. 

Valkyrie Series

The Valkyrie and the Marine

As a Valkyrie, Kiara of Asgard must look beyond the man to select only the best warriors to fight for Odin. But all her training deserts her when she sees Special Ops Marine Harrison Lombard. Unable to resist him, she saves his life on the battlefield instead of taking him to Valhalla. For her disloyalty, she’s given five days as a human while Odin decides her fate.

During a mission in North Korea, Harrison’s Force Reconnaissance team is ambushed. Critically wounded, he’s straddled by a magnificent blonde wearing a helmet of feathers who eliminates his pain. Before he can find out who she is, she’s gone. When she turns up in the States months later, he can hardly believe his luck—or the fire burning between them.

But Odin still has a claim on Harrison’s soul. Will his angel of mercy save him again? Or has she come to collect?

Kiara looked deep into her chosen one’s soul. She had to shake off her atypical sympathy. But the twinges in her heart and the heat between her thighs couldn’t be ignored.

Harrison’s lips were dry. His gaze held acknowledgement of equal attraction, no doubt. A smile from him would be her undoing. Three steps, Kiara. Offer him immortality, toss him on Bright, and take to the skies.

Lance in both hands she pushed the rod against his wide shoulder span. “Just to verify, what is your name?”

His muscles tensed under her, pressing into her knuckles. Despite his closeness to death Kiara felt a rise bumping, titillating, and making her yearn for a tryst. No human had ever had such an impact on her. Why now?

Ignoring the rush of emotions plaguing her body and mind, she strengthened her reserve and focused on the task. Her future with the squad depended on it. She wanted to become a captain. No tingling in her woman parts would change her course.

“Harrison Valentine Lombard.” His hips lifted, a hard long slice fit nicely between her thighs. “I can’t imagine my last thoughts to be of a siren teasing me, without allowing me to have release. Either kill me or liberate me so I can—”

“Kiara, it’s time. Grab your Einherjar and let’s ride,” Skogul bellowed.

A last burst of energy flowed from the soldier beneath Kiara. His hand stroked her breast, sliding between her skin and the gold corset. Twitches, low in her stomach, created jittering in muscles higher in her womb. More than pleasing Odin, she wanted to fornicate with this brave yet stupid man, her Valentine. “Kiara.” His alluring whisper sailed on the wind.

978-1-61217-344-3 Digital The Valkyrie and the Marine


Buy it today e-book: The Wild Rose Press 


“I found it very easy to relate to both characters; it might be fantasy, but the author expresses true emotions.”

Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe



Pippa’s Rescue

Skogul, Valkyrie leader of the first squad in Valhalla, is supposed to offer immortality to former Marine Basil Vanguard. Too bad watching science fiction on the big screen is more fun. But if her assignment slips through the cracks, will Odin himself take a hand?

Basil wants justice. Determined to find the man who turned on his own unit and caused the deaths of many brave men, Basil tracks him to a Horse Rescue Ranch. But the ranch owner is the traitor’s sister, and she’s not talking. Caught off guard by her beauty–not to mention the bizarre arrival of a leather-clad Valkyrie–Basil has a hard time keeping his mind on his mission.

Animal rights activist Pippa Wilson must find her brother before the bank forecloses on their rescue ranch.

When a gorgeous Marine arrives looking for him too, she tries to resist the attraction–but will her heart listen?


“Have you ridden a horse before?” She doubted he had, but curiosity apparently ruled today.

His eyebrows twitched. “Once.”

“How long ago?” She hoped she wouldn’t have to drag the whole fear-of-horses story from him.

“When I was six.” His glance shot to the side.

Her shoulders slumped. She’d heard it all too often, and his story probably wouldn’t differ from the others. “At a birthday party where a dozen kids were around?”

“On a Merry-Go-Round,” he mumbled.

Laughter bubbled, shaking her chest. She stifled the jollies. In order to get him to trust horses, enough to mount one, she’d need to remain calm. “Okay, so you’ve never ridden a real horse?”
He shook his head. “Don’t need too. I rode a camel. Can’t say I cared for it.”

“Different beasts. How about a short ride?” She grabbed his arm and guided him to the entrance. Deep South and the man who made her rarely used parts tingle followed. “See that pond about two miles away?”

He stared into the distance. “Kind of.”
“If you ride that sweet docile filly tied to the fence over there, I’ll give you a favor.”

His expression brightened. “My pick on the favor?”

She couldn’t imagine what he’d want, except— “You won’t have to clean stable two for the rest of the week.”

Basil turned into her, swiped at a loose strand of her hair, taking the tickling away. “Although tempting, no. I want a kiss. Not like a child kisses her mum. A deep, long lasting one. A lip-lock with tongue that will guarantee satisfaction.”

978-1-62830-063-5 Digital

Pippa’s Rescue



Valkyries Kiara and Skogul battle the odds once again.


Power, Family, and Loyalty: The coveted three can join a shifter and Valkyrie in love or tear them apart forever.

Tied to a tree in the midst of thieves, the Valkyrie Skogul wakes without memory of who she is or of the man she once loved. Using curiously deadly skills, she escapes. Injured and exhausted, a wolf befriends her and leads her to a house where the hunky owner’s eyes look strangely familiar.

Aidan Hall, former guardian of Hell’s Gate, doesn’t trust anyone. So when a beautiful amnesia victim he’s never met appears at his door, why does he feel a connection? Who and what he is will keep them apart. But when dark magik shows up in his woods, his guard intensifies. Is it Skogul or someone else?

When Demons flood through Hell’s Gate, can he stop them, or will the memory of love be the death of him?

“Am I a criminal?”
Maybe a spy. He shook his head. “You’re not a criminal.”
“No missing persons reports of a woman fitting my description?”
“Not at this time, but you can’t be declared missing before twenty-four hours have passed and…”
She slid her hand from his, scooted farther against the headboard and clutched the sheet and blanket. “And?”
Way to go, Aidan. “They’re expanding the search to Europe because of your accent.”
Her eyes widened, the turquoise sparkling with renewed hope. “I’ve an accent?”
Yes, she did. A sexy, deep-throated tone. He swallowed. “European.”
“What kind of European accent?”
He lifted his shoulders and exhaled. “Bill will explore and continue with local inquires.”
Her fingers relaxed. He flipped a piece of her hair from her forehead and smoothed it into place.
“Tomorrow, if your memory hasn’t returned and no one, ah… You can stay at my house until we discover your identity. Okay with you?”
A shimmer of tears glazed her eyes. She wiped a single drop that spilled over. “Thank you. I don’t need to stay here tonight. I’m fine. Except for a couple of bruises, I’m right as rain.”

From the earlier events, she didn’t appear to be the emotional type or ever at a loss for words, so the tears twisted his gut. “Sorry. Can’t. Because of the head injury, you need to be observed. Now, Jane Doe doesn’t fit you very well. Let’s think of a temporary suitable name.”

Memory of Love



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