Black Widow, a Cocktail

Seasonal greetings! I’m sharing a recipe, one of my favs, to help you celebrate your upcoming holidays.

1/2 oz strawberry vodka

1/2 oz white rum

1/2 oz triple sec

cranberry juice

1 lace of licorice.

  1. Pour vodka, rum, triple sec into a glass.
  2. Top with cranberry juice and stir.
  3. Fold licorice three times and cut at each end so the spider will have eight legs. Use the legs to decorate inside of the glass.

(If you don’t want to invest in strawberry just use regular vodka and add strawberries or strawberry flavoring.)

This is an adult beverage but can be made as a mock-tail….substitue Strawberry Vodka with juice and leave out the rum.

black widow





Promote like a Food Network Star

I love to write a story, its especially thrilling to get the characters and their tale out of my head. But marketing…ah that is a beast I’ve yet to conquer.

Food Network Star is a program I’m becoming addicted too, not because of hot Bobby Flay or even the eye-rolling Giada De Laurentis, it’s because of their marketing tips. Food Network Star provides cooking information and marking ideas…how can you go wrong with recipes and promotion suggestions.

During the show a contestant must cook an impressive original food and get in front of the camera to try and convince people to eat said dish. The producers create many scenarios, like Beauty and the Beast dinner party, Flashback Dinner (recreate a old staple into a yummy contemporary) and All-Terrain Eats, an experiential restaurant experience.

My favorite star hopeful is Jason Smith. He has a charming Kentucky accent and clever euphemisms. As winner of Holiday Baking Championship, he has certified cooking abilities, but the camera segments each week are new. He’s adapted well and adds his sweet personality to sell his dish.

Like the food network star hopeful, an author must sell his or her book. Even if the author has an outstanding, interesting, story, if the book doesn’t wow the public with the possibility of what’s between the covers the book won’t sell and make the top one hundred.

The chef presents his/her dish, making it as attractive as possible. The book cover needs to draw the attention of reader.

Once the dish is in place the chef describes what the person will taste. And the author needs to create a tagline and blurb to entice the reader farther into desiring the book.

Presence, visual beauty, description and taste are key to becoming a Food Network Star. Bobby told a contestant to keep the film bit simple, the same concept should apply for the virtual presence for an author.

An author’s marketing plan should include presence in the venues where fans/readers might hang out. A writer should include a cover visually attractive to a reader, a blurb that draws the reader to add the book to the cart and check out. The book, like the dish, must have substance and flavor so the reader will get a sublime experience.

As Jason from Kentucky said, “It’ll make your tongue slap your brains out.”

Mystic Love

Mystic Love

New York Times and USA best selling Teresa Reasor: ‘Every page of J.J. Keller’s Mystic Love smokes with sexual tension.’

Ericka Gilmore dabbles in life and death when she tries to conjure a ghost lover. But when flesh and blood, Joe Reeves appears on her doorstep in the midst of a storm, she has to rethink her destiny.

A car accident left the former cop with the ability to foresee death. No longer willing to watch people he cares about die, Joe goes in search of a shaman to remove his “gift”. His remedy until then is to avoid all relationships. But like a lightning strike, he experiences a strong connection with Ericka. A nearby mystical ley line could be Joe’s solution if he and Ericka combine their gifts. But her secret past and his fear of seeing her death keep them at odds.

Rating: Spicy 
Page Count: 282 
Word Count: 68692

978-1-5092-1060-2 Paperback 
978-1-5092-1061-9 Digital


She threw herself against her dream lover, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. His lips were cold, but perfect in form. At first, his mouth didn’t move, but after a couple of seconds, he pressed into her. She flicked the tip of her tongue over his mouth, outlining the curves, and then slid it between his lips. His tongue played with hers. Sharp, decadent longing powered through her.

Wait a minute, he didn’t taste like she’d imagined. He tasted like mint and human. She touched whatever smooth cool skin she could find available between the coat and his neck and shoulders. Strong and virile hot body. She inhaled, taking in his scent; fragrant late fall wind and the odor of male sweat.

Sweat? Wet skin? She licked her lips, savoring the zest. A spear of lightning brightened the sky. Six foot three. Left ear piercing. Broad chest. Wrangler posture, with one knee bent.

Her heart thumped harder, pounding strong in her chest.

Whom had she kissed?


Joe supported her, keeping her in an upright position. Definitely a her as supple breasts snuggled tight against his chest. Her robe opened, and he fought the urge to remove his own garments to feel her warm body against his, flesh to flesh.

Lips tasting of wine connected with his, insistent and passionate. Six months ago, he embarked on his solo quest, but it hadn’t been so long that he couldn’t remember previous intimacies, and those encounters didn’t compare to her lavish kisses. Whew, hot, he’d go with the flow for a little longer.

She jerked, and then shoved him away. Sadly, the kiss had been a mistake, and from the flash of surprise crossing her face, she’d realized it as well. The pale blue, almost white, towel came loose from her head. She snapped the cloth off. Sexy dark ringlets fell in twisted disarray to her shoulders.

Joe had been lucky enough to catch a joyful kiss and snuggle. He’d delighted in the touch of her lips, the scent of her womanhood, and her wonderful nipples piercing into his thin, sodden shirt. Enjoying the mistake and resulting benefits, he grinned.

The gleam in her eyes went from surprise to anger. With a shaking hand, she wiped her luscious pink mouth.

He stood in a quandary and debated how to explain. Under the circumstances, she wouldn’t accuse him of a forced entry.

“Sorry. No lights. I didn’t hear a security system buzz. I would’ve shouted.” He took a step. “Instead of coming inside.”

She retreated.

Damn. He’d be sleeping in the rain after all.


Mystic Love

All Rights Reserved jj Keller


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Unavoidable love while searching for justice.

Skogul, Valkyrie leader of the first squad in Valhalla, is to offer immortality to Basil Vanguard. Watching science fiction on the big screen holds more appeal. Will she let her assignment slip through the cracks and answer to Odin himself?

On the trail of traitor David Wilson, the man who turned on his own unit and caused the deaths of many brave men, ex-Marine Basil Vanguard lands at Horse Rescue Ranch. He immediately falls for Wilson’s gorgeous sister, Pippa, while fending off the appearance of a leather-clad Valkyrie. Caught between Pippa’s closemouthed attitude and Skogul’s unbelievable stories, Basil fights for his squad’s justice.

With the bank ready to foreclose Pippa Wilson’s ranch, she must find her AWOL brother in order to ditch her financial troubles and save her horses. When gorgeous ex-Marine captain Basil Vanguard arrives in search of her missing brother, she tries to resist the attraction—but will her heart listen?

jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.
Shadow of the Hawk
The Valkyrie and the Marine, The Wild Rose Press
Coming Soon: Pippa’s Rescue
Dark Sun He’s almost an angel and she’s pure temptation.
Trade Agreement LASR Best Book.
All rights reserved.

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