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“Yes, I’m here,” Emily Lucent responded in a whisper, yearning to hear her name again. The gentle, lovelorn utterance, tempting and mesmerizing, created a stronger need to see the speaker. His Scottish accent made his bereavement, if she could call it that, all the more intense. She wanted to help him find the love he had apparently lost. She longed to see him.

For the past few months the voice had grown stronger and more frequent as the days passed. He called her name in the pre‐dawn and lately during the course of the day. Her heart would race with anticipation. When would she hear the sweet harmonious sound again? Alone in the house, without the background noise of a television or music, sometimes she would hope to hear it, try to hear it.

Hear him.
Hear her name.
She questioned her sanity. Yet, the deep, clear masculine voice sweetly lulled and soothed her. Restlessness and greed took over. Despite the fear of lunacy, she wanted more, needed more. She wished to see the unearthly being who spoke to her.


The Watcher


Mikhail gathered tarot cards and shuffled the deck. “You need to shuffle this once and fan out the cards. Pick any three cards from the deck and place them face up on the table. The second card should be placed to the left of the first card. The third card placed on the right of the first card. You must concentrate on one aspect of a decision to be made or question while drawing the card.”

A force pulled her further into this web of mystery and mysticism. She must discover, divine or infer the source of the voice. Good or bad.

Earthly or unearthly.
Angelic or demonic.
Ghost or hallucination.
She shuffled, drew out three cards, and placed them face up on the table. Mikhail watched closely. They carefully viewed the cards on the table top. She threw her head back and stared at the door. Emily glanced behind her, thinking Melody had come into the room. Empty space. A shiver of unease rippled over her skin. She returned her attention back to Mikhail. The fortune teller removed the turban and combed her fingers through her hair.

“Emily, I must ask you if you’re a religious person.”

“I don’t know what that has to do with the forecast of my future, but I was raised as a Catholic. For the past two years I haven’t attended mass. Although, I believe I’m a spiritual person.” She lifted her glance from the elaborate, elegantly detailed, tarot cards to connect with Mikhail’s gaze.

“The voice is not a hallucination and does not belong to a…ghost.” Mikhail bit her lower lip. The white of her teeth gleamed against the red lipstick.



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Hoppy Hop Brew



In Mystic Love Joe, the hero, needed information about a healer…and not one person in Cyan, Indiana acknowledged the shaman existed.

Joe went to a local pub, Brewhouse, in order to get close to the community members. Brewhouse made their own beer from organic local hops. My father enjoys creating his own wines and beers, so I had a little knowledge about the process of making a brew.

I won’t bore you with the details of how to harvest, dry, and add to the beer/ale to provide balance, the sweetness of the malt sugars and bitterness. Trust me, my dad had a few misses before he got the finish perfected. The Brewhouse beer was distinct and the brewers had perfected the FWH (First Wort Hopping).

Joe had to consume a lot of beer in order to get information. He enjoyed sharing…and got the details he needed…at least he thought he had.

Joe staggered into Ames Mansion, a little past midnight, stomach–sloshing full of Brewhouse’s homemade beer. Blurry–eyed, he peered into the library. Ericka sat hunched over her stacks of literature investigating her client or magic. The perfect man didn’t exist, so why try to find one?

“Honey, I’m home.” He didn’t reign in the illogical jealousy, but bee–lined to the side of the desk and propped his hind quarters on the edge. “Did you miss me?”

“You’re an insufferable drunken ass. Get off my desk.” Her dagger–pointed red fingernails shoved his leg. If he could feel pain, it probably would have hurt.

He stroked the inside of her wrist resting on the desktop. “Not until you answer my question. I’m curious.” He tapped her arm.

Her focus left her lawyer bible and met his stare. “You invited me to stay, but not in your room. I felt your hands caressing me as you hid my nakedness from your friend. I try to play nice, and you shove me away. You can’t tell me announcing only sex wasn’t a ploy to stop me, to tease me. What is it you really want from me, Ericka?”

“I want you to leave this office.” She jerked her hand from under his and stood.

Should he punish himself and enjoy the end of the evening? Already bedeviled, he’d at least feel alive. He slid from the desk, closed in on her, leaned into her curves. The light brown circles pulsed around the black centers of her eyes, heated lust sparked. Pheromones surrounded him, trailed into his nostrils tantalizing him, sending him further into an alternate reality. He became the beast he so desperately attempted to shed. “Before or after a kiss?”

A shadow of a smile appeared. “I’ll forgive this transgression, Joe, because you’ve been tapping the keg.” Her grumpy voice and quick full-fledged smile enticed his groin to life.

He quirked an eyebrow, at least he thought he lifted the right side of his face. “Drinking or an attempt at a kiss? I don’t have a drinking problem, actually take a sip at weddings and New Year’s. However, the hot waitress kept our glasses full. And thoughts of…”



Bottle Cap 

Mystic Love


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Dance until you hit the floor

My husband and I laugh when we see the united healthcare commercial, the one where the man and woman are dirty dancing…

You know the one when she jumps and lands on the dining room table instead of into her husband’s arms. They videoconference a doctor…

We recently had hardwood floors installed and what better way than to try it out for ourselves.

IN the movie DiRty DanCing they make the moves, dancing as a whole, look so easy. It’s NOT.

My guy has a twisted arm and my butt looks like a dalmatian coat.

But, oh what fun.

Laughter is good for the soul, right?

Greetings! I’ve taken a break to share exciting news.  I’m in galley mode for the last of the Valkyrie Trilogy, Memory of Love, the story of Skogul from The Valkyrie and the Marine and Pippa’s Rescue. Stripped of her powers and her memories, she seeks information about a wolf. A wolf is predicted to take down Odin during the Great War. Who knew love would change the course of events.


Look at this blurb!
Power, Family, and Loyalty: The coveted three can join a shifter and Valkyrie in love or tear them apart forever.

Tied to a tree in the midst of thieves, the Valkyrie Skogul wakes without memory of who she is or of the man she once loved. Using curiously deadly skills, she escapes. Injured and exhausted, a wolf befriends her and leads her to a house where the hunky owner’s eyes look strangely familiar.

Aidan Hall, former guardian of Hell’s Gate, doesn’t trust anyone. So when a beautiful amnesia victim he’s never met appears at his door, why does he feel a connection? Who and what he is will keep them apart. But when dark magik shows up in his woods, his guard intensifies. Is it Skogul or someone else?

When Demons flood through Hell’s Gate, can he stop them, or will the memory of love be the death of him?

My work is different from others of its genre. All authors want to stand out and make their story different from others. I like to craft unique stories and in this series I used mythology as the base, but created tales with a different interpretation than what is reported in the history books. Above all else the hero and heroine work to find the love, because like life nothing is simple.

I imagine you are wondering why I write what I do?

Once I tried to write a story of what my mother-in-law envisioned, on her life. The story was the most difficult for me to put on paper and became so convoluted the readers complained some of the tale didn’t seem real. Odd to read that review—since the book was based on truth.

After that single experience I stuck to what I knew and loved, suspense, fantasy and the mystery of paranormal and I haven’t encountered roadblocks. (Knock on wood!)

How does my writing process work?

I dream. I write. I edit. I submit my work to a critique group and they shred it. I polish, working toward perfection, and then query. The query process continues to be the challenge for me. I dislike writing a blurb and a synopsis and they must shine before the editors will look at three chapters or the entire story.

book covers Valkyrie

I want to thank Zrinka Jelic for inviting me to be on the blog tour with her, you might want to check out her stories, they truly excite.

Here are other wonderful and exciting authors who are blogging on this tour. They write suspense spiked with dynamic romance. You’ll want to read some of their books.

Morgan Hannah MacDonald writes Romantic Thrillers that are NOT for the faint of heart. She’s held many positions , including a teller where her hands and feet were bound while armed robbers took over the bank. Later she learned she’d dated a serial killer. Visit her website: www.morganhannahmacdonald.com

Naomi Frazer, author of Mistwalker, Naomi Fraser is an Australian author who writes fresh and different romance. She writes whatever the muse tells her to and is a member of RWA Kiss Of Death. This has ranged from poetry, a children’s story, a cookbook, paranormal romance, YA romantic fantasy, and a science-fiction fantasy romance. She manages her writing life alongside her duties as a mother and takes inspiration from anything life can throw her way.


Free ebook: The Valkyrie and the Marine and a Longaberger basket.

I’m excited to announce Coffee Time Romance will be holding a contest and I’m giving away a free copy of The Valkyrie and the Marine and a Longaberger hand-woven basket.

I’m promoting the second book in the series, Pippa’s Rescue. 

Pippa’s Rescue


Basil wants justice. Determined to find the man who turned on his own unit and caused the deaths of many brave men, Basil tracks him to a Horse Rescue Ranch. But the ranch owner is the traitor’s sister, and she’s not talking. Caught off guard by her beauty–not to mention the bizarre arrival of a leather-clad Valkyrie–Basil has a hard time keeping his mind on his mission


Animal rights activist Pippa Wilson must find her brother before the bank forecloses on their rescue ranch. When a gorgeous Marine arrives looking for him too, she tries to resist the attraction–but will her heart listen?


Product Nbr: 7614 
Title: Pippa’s Rescue 
Series Name: 
Theme(s): Animals 
SubGenre(s): Suspense, Fantasy 
Imprint: Faery 
Length: Miniature 
Rating: Spicy 
Keywords: Valkyrie, Asgard, Valhalla, horses, Marines, rescue 
Page Count: 136 
Word Count: 33333 
Digital Price: 3.99 



Publishing History
First Faery Rose Edition, 2014 Digital ISBN 978-1-62830-063-5


“ I rode a camel. Can’t say I cared for it.”

Stiffness in Basil’s legs confirmed getting out of thecar would be awkward after sitting for an extended time. War did that to a body, bruised it beyond repair. He shook his joints loose, smoothed the blue jean material, and meandered toward the corral. Despite the faint noise of distant farm machinery and horse hoofs as they pounded the dirt inside the corral, he experienced a twinge of excitement. Was he close to finding Harry’s killer?

The woman on horseback kneed her mount, coming closer to the fence. She tilted her hat, tipping the brim enough to uncover a thin red indention from the pressure. Her dark eyes contained skepticism and a glimmer of interest. Things were looking up.


BUY: http://www.amazon.com/Pippas-Rescue-JJ-Keller-ebook/dp/B00GVKHDXU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394453581&sr=8-1&keywords=pippa%27s+Rescue+by+jj+keller


jj Keller
Fantasies with spice and humor.

The Valkyrie and the Marine, Pippa’s Rescue, March 2014

Shadow of the Hawk/Dark Sun. He’s almost an angel and she’s pure temptation.
Trade Agreement, LASR Best Book, Prop in the movie RED.  www.thewildrosepress.com print  

 All rights reserved. 

jj Keller
http://www.jj-keller.com  Shadow of the Hawk 

The Valkyrie and the Marine, The Wild Rose Press Pippa’s Rescue  

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