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In my work-in-progress suspense novel/book, the heroine handles a quantity of guns and various types of weaponry. I love research, so my friend, Liz, and I packed our guns and went to The Well Armed Woman Shooting Club. A barn like structure (the size of half-an-acre, maybe a little exaggeration) was filled with ladies of all ages, races, backgrounds and skill levels. The most interesting aspect of the evening was the number of women who were seeking knowledge of how to use a gun: beginners.


It frightens me that women in our society don’t feel safe on a daily basis. The desire to carry a gun or at least have one at bedside is becoming prominent.

I wrote down the reasons women attended the meeting and listed some of them below:

  1. Most women answered PROTECT SELF
  2. Learn more about guns and safety
  3. Not shoot with boys
  4. Living alone for the first time: Nervous
  5. Become more proficient with skills
  6. Comfortable shooting a gun
  7. Hobby
  8. Work at night and want to protect self
  9. Self-defense
  10. Want to be in a community of other women who want to protect themselves

As time goes on I wonder if more and more women will seek to gain life-altering protection. Will we revert to the days of our Western ancestors of carrying weaponry on our hips or in a shoulder holster?

On my way out of the range I crossed paths with an armed women entrepreneur who sold earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from old shells. What better way to recycle used ammunition? I bought some dangles. What do you think?


Liz just shook her head. “Only you would go to a shooting range and leave with jewelry.”

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