A Love Letter

My Dearest,

I love you, always.

We met by chance and the shimmer glowed and grew.

Our holographic universe spat our destiny into waves and rolls.

We made choices and decisions, some bad but mostly good.

Learning about life, creating life and losing loved ones made us stronger.

I love you, always.

Sacrifices were plenty, celebrations few and oh so magnificent.

The sparks have lessened and the shimmer has dimmed; however, companionship is worth more than youthful heated ecstasy. I look forward to seeing how the future plays out.

I love you, always.


a heart not quite the same.



Heart on Concrete Floor

jj Keller is a native Hoosier. A dreamer. A writer. A storyteller.


She’s married and has two sons. Traveling to exotic locations is something she can’t do enough of (even if it’s only in her mind) and puttering around in her herbal garden is her favorite pastime. She enjoys a good story, easy listening music and a fine glass of wine.


Urban fantasy, paranormal, romantic suspense and thrillers are her favorite genres.


jj is a member of Romance Writers of America.


jj’s pen name is a result of her family name. She used lower case in her given name because of her fondness for ee cummings’ work.The man was a great poet and author. They both tend to be unconventional, his capitalization and her imagination and “fresh” attempt at writing. ee studied English, as jj did, he had a fondness for Greek and Latin and she loves to use Greek Mythology references in her work. His unique style of writing can be seen in Buffalo Bill’s/defunct and her only western to date, revolves around Buffalo Bill.


She hopes someday her work will be considered “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful”.








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Valentine Wishes

Thanks for hosting me on my Valentine Wishes blog tour, jj, it is grand to be here.

All my blogs in the tour have been about fairies, fairy myth and lore, as my heroine in Valentine Wishes is a fairy. I firmly believe a sexy adult fairy tale, full of magic, is something readers will enjoy.

Today I am thinking about the way fairies are, and have been, portrayed in stories and art over time.


Over the many centuries that tales involving fairies have been told and eventually written down, the form of fairies has changed in lots of different ways.  

In the early tales, a fairy was not a small creature, but human sized. Their shimmering skin, beautiful features and fair hair identified these fairies. Though appearing like the loveliest of mortals the fairies had magical powers and the ability to be able to disappear at will. They seemed mostly not to want to get involved with the mortal world and often if they were forced to the results brought disaster. Lost love was the least of the woes associated with them. Some of these early fairies were described as exactly the opposite to fair, some appeared more like mountain trolls with massive brute strength.

Later tales concentrate on the skills of the way and

Fairy woman

 the way they could if they wished assist mortals who appealed to them for aid. I think this is where some of the ancient Celtic gods were amalgamated into the world of the fae, the tales of the Sidhe are legendary.

As time went on ideas changed, and the notion of the fairies moved to the small and winged creatures full of mischief and magic, with the ability to grant wishes or make bargains with mortals. I have to say I think of fairies in general in this way and have done since I was a very small child.

One of my early memories, and this incident may shock you a little, is my first week of school when I was just five years old. This was when I discovered not all adults were sensible. I remain unsure how the conversation went completely but I do remember my teacher.  “There are no such things as fairies,” she said.


I have to say, I didn’t agree with her but aged five I couldn’t articulate all the reasons why, and having yet to learn when not to speak the truth to adults, I told her she was wrong.  The teacher wrote a note to my mother about the incident. My mother wisely tore the note up in front of me and explained not all adults understood everything. Happy with that explanation I continued to believe. I won’t debate the personality of an individual who can deliberately try to steal the magic of childhood from a very small child. Thankfully, I got a new teacher shortly after, a much more sensible person who had no problems with believing in fairies, and at one point, the classroom was decorated with lots of fairy pictures the class made.

Fairy images are some of the most interesting in folk tales and fairy tales. I adore the image on the artwork for my story Valentine Wishes. I have included a few fairy images with this post for you.

Valentine Wishes will be available from Liquid Silver Books on the 10th of February. You can pre-order a copy here and get an early bird discount.


Valentine's Wishes-600x800

Here is a snippet from the story:

“There yer are, I knew yer

were here. I’ve been waiting for ye all night.” She spun around at the velvet caress of a voice she remembered so well. “No,” she squeaked.


Not possible.

Her stomach knotted and she wanted to crawl away and hide. His golden hair glinted in the glow of the colored lights and he smiled wide in greeting. She could hardly keep herself in the air. A wave of heat scorched her face.

“Poppy, ’tis me, Cedar Heartwood. Yer remember me, don’t ye, darlin’?” He flew a little closer, and she nodded as she sank down toward the lawn.

Her knees sagged.


I remember you…who couldn’t? You haven’t changed at all.

His eyes still entranced with hazel gleams. She ached to throw her arms around him, and as she steadied herself, she swept her gaze up to his face again. He still had the most enticing lips she’d ever seen.

Oh, by the wind in the leaves. How many hours did I sit among the daisies and wonder what it would be like to kiss him?

She shook herself, torn between long held hopes and tonight’s despair. He had to go, at least until later. “I can’t speak with ye now, Cedar. I’m busy.”

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Fantastic story! Thank you, Daisy, and good luck with your blogs!

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